10 Things All Vegans Love To Hear

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#ThingsVegansHear: Introducing a collection of my personal favourites, gathered from online interactions, conversations, and (very) memorable individuals.


  1. I really respect the animals that I eat.


  1. I’m vegan, but I eat fish.
    (or) I’m vegan, but I have free range eggs.
    (or) I’m vegan, but I have locally produced, ethical milk.
    (or) I’m vegan, but I only eat foraged meat.
    (or) I’m vegan, but I eat products that come from shiny, happy animals.


  1. It’s the circle of life.


  1. Do vegans swallow? Do you only date other vegans? (Disclaimer: obviously, I prefer to date individuals who eat meat and animal products. Preferably, raw meat. In front of me. And in bed.)


  1. We need to eat cows. If we don’t kill cows, they will surely take over the world.


  1. PROTEIN, though!


  1. I was vegan once, but then I got a new boyfriend who loves meat.
    (or) I got a new job and didn’t have time to cook vegan food.
    (or) I really missed cheese.
    (or) It’s too expensive.


  1. What if I found a dead cow? Then, could I eat it? (Disclaimer: there is a very high probability of this happening in Vancouver proper.)


  1. CAVEMEN, though! Look at my teeth!


  1. So you’re gluten-free?


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