20+ Ways to Support Local Vegan Companies This Season

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1. SWEETEN: Order them a round of custom-created, designed, and flavoured creations from a local vegan baker. (Literally) anything can be used as inspiration for these beauties, and it doesn’t need to necessarily be a food or flavor. Think favourite books, animals, movies, or people. My top favourites and culinary geniuses:
Must Love Cupcakes by Viktoria (@mustlovecupcakes), Dipped Doughnut Co (@dippeddoughutco), and Vogue Cakes (@vogue_cakes) or www.voguecakes.com

2. PAMPER: Willow’s Wax Bar is Vancouver’s only vegan spa, which is also 100% cruelty-free. Treat them to a stunning chocolate facial with esteemed esthetician Kirsten Graham, a set of cruelty-free lashes with founder Rhiannon Whitney, or a new mani-pedi with Line Spa + Polish, who recently started working out of Willow’s. Bonus: some of the best vegan and cruelty-free lines are only available here in the Willow’s boutique:

  • Youngblood Cosmetics
  • Rhea Skincare (this is my personal new obsession.)
  • Davines Hair products

3. INVIGORATE: Across the street from Willow’s is Quest Nutrition, otherwise known as Vancouver’s only vegan vitamin and nutrition shop. Shawna Barker, BSC, RHN, is the mastermind behind Quest, and is a certified nutrition coach, vegan expert, nutritional advisor and raw food chef/teacher. This is where you find superfoods, nutritional boosts,  vitamin infusions, unique ingredients and flavours, and the elusive vegan white chocolate. Don’t forget to pick up:

  • Amoda Matcha line (anything)- includes a post-workout powder matcha, turmeric, schizandra and more
  • Ergogenics Hemp + Greens
  • iChoc Chocolate, two words: white chocolate (yes, it’s vegan! This is a rarity in and of itself).
  • Black sesame raw organic butter

4. LACE ‘EM UP: Anderson’s Vegan Boots is a locally founded and run company, who announced less than a week ago they are now officially PETA-certified and approved. Anderson’s are high quality, handmade, produced locally, and satisfy the never-ending quest for high-quality, vegan black boots. These babies will last to a few degrees below 0 and keep you cozy and dry for years. ( @andersonsveganboots).

For those looking for different styles when it comes to vegan shoeware (including lace-ups, running shoes, heels, sandals, riding boots, et al,  Nice Shoes is your best pal.

5. WINE + DINE: T’is the season for meat’n’ cheese plates. Instead of a platter which boasts a wide array of products sprung from cruelty, animal abuse, and oppression, support these tremendous vegan companies and simultaneously blow your party guests away with your vegan “ charcuterie” spread. Fill it with selections from:

  • Plantbase (top pick personally is the Cheddah) and any (or all) of the faux “meats”.
  • Blue Heron Cheese
  • The Very Good Butchers
  • Black Sheep Vegan Cheese


6. STOCK THEIR PANTRY: When it transitioned from its original online form, Vegan Supply dazzled the veg folk of Vancouver (and beyond). Vegan Supply is Vancouver’s first, 100% vegan, storefront. Here is where you find the rare items, those you can only (previously) find in the US, every kind of vegan ice cream your gift-receiver could desire, merchandise to support local non profits, and of course: every brand and flavor of vegan eggnog this city (and further) has to offer. If you finish your trip to Vegan Supply, continue the journey to Eternal Abundance for some of the best smoothies, dry goods, local produce, chaga, and some of the highest-quality chlorophyll in the city.


7. GIVE: There is a multitude of organizations doing incredible work, for the animals, for the environment, for the plant, and for humans. It is impossible to rank them, as they are all deserving, and comprised of some of the hardest working humans I know. These organizations need financial support. If you are giving to an animal lover, support the crucial work that supports animals, their rights, and fights on their behalf. In no particular order:


  • Animal Justice
  • Liberation BC
  • Vancouver Chicken Save
  • Hearts on Noses
  • The Happy Herd
  • Hugabull Advocacy + Rescue


May your season, however you choose to celebrate it, be filled with a bounty of vegan egg nog, avocados, and animals (that’s my perfect scenario, at least).

Zoe P.
@zoemarg | zoe@theveganproject.com







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