Sabrina ‘Vegan’ Modder – Days 5/6

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Today, I remembered to drink my lemon water again, but for some reason didn’t do breakfast. Sometime around noon, a friend of mine showed up and we both had some Adam’s peanut butter and jam sandwiches on the yummy Cob’s bread. A bit later, around 3pm I ate some more Chili, the last bit. Thank goodness. Listen, the chili is really good, and actually is truly better each day – in fact, I’d say make it a couple days early, then bring it out and serve to a crowd – but after eating it for like, 3 straight days (4!?), it gets a little tiring…

I went out for dinner to a greek restaurant, Sfinaki, up on Hastings. I ordered the veggie mousaka platter which was amazingly good, but I did eat the feta, and have no idea what other vegan rules I broke eating this. But it was so yummy. I’m sorry.


Hehe, another late night brings upon another late morning… so I nibbled on things like nuts and  carrot sticks throughout the afternoon, then prepared for a big adventure in the kitchen: Butternut Squash Soup and ‘Super Collard Wraps with Creamy Avocado Sauce’, recipes courtesy of The Vegan Project. I had some homemade veggie stock I had stored in the freezer, so that was perfect for the soup. I threw in carrots, squash and a bunch of different herbs I had in the fridge; garlic, onions and seasoning, let it simmer down the blended it with a hand-mixer, straight in the pot.

Now, I was a little worried about these collard green wraps, as I’m not a big fan of green leafy veggies. I eat them because I know they’re good for me, but I don’t necessarily enjoy the experience. For the stuffing, I used a blend of cooked couscous and lentils, then mixed in some shredded spinach and tomato chunks, and the truly yummy avocado sauce from the recipe. I formed two wraps in two big leaves, with sprouts and then the creamy mixture. Served with a side of the Butternut Squash soup. This meal took me quite a while to make, with all the prep. But it was good, and tasted very healthy, which makes me feel good.

My roommate ordered a giant pepperoni pizza. It smells good, but I’m too full to even think about it! Okay… I’m thinking about it… but that’s as far as it’ll go.

*Courtesy of Sabrina Modder at String Creative

~The Vegan Project

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