5 New Businesses That Prove Vancouver Is Kicking (Vegan) Ass

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5 New Businesses That Prove Vancouver Is Kicking (Vegan) Ass
(And most of them involve ice cream)

  1. Kokomo (heykokomo.ca): Don’t let the terms “ plant-focused” or “ plant-based” lead you astray. Kokomo is 100% vegan friendly (and Happy Cow-certified). Ranging from acai bowls to the instantly popular Coastal Macro Bowl (brown rice layered with greens, marinated tempeh, roasted squash, cucumber, ginger pickled cabbage and edamame hummus), Kokomo made waves in the local vegan scene when they quickly established themselves as the first Vancouver business to serve Cocowhip.

    VISIT: 611 Gore Avenue

Source: The Daily Hive


  1. Friendly Snackbar ( friendlyvancouver.com): Friendly has been open for a few weeks, but offered a refreshing vegan infusion to the Mt. Pleasant Community since the day it opened. Self-defined as “ a collaborative project launched by a few friends, who desired a space to share their locally produced food”, Friendly brings together the creators (badass females if I may add) and innovators behind Smallflower Café/Bakery, Say Hello Sweets, and Zimt Chocolates. Savory options, sweet options, juices, smoothies, and a special appearance from the lovely team at Spark Kombucha: all tastebuds and preferences win here.

    Visit: 2408 Main Street

    Source: Friendly Snackbar/YVR Food Fest

  2.  Gomae (gomaeapp.com): Real talk, vegans can’t sustain off of lettuce (no matter how often the haters like to think we can). Gomae is an app born out of Vancouver, by a team who wanted to provide quick access to vegan menu items, at local restaurants. Download the app and search your restaurant of choice. Enter the convenient colour coding: completely vegan items are highlighted in green, items that can be modified to become vegan are yellow, or red: back up, stop, because this item is full of animal products. Gomae was born in Vancouver, and will soon be expanding into other areas of the lower mainland.

    Visit: gomaeapp.com

    Source: Bored In Vancouver (dot com)

  3. The Juice Truck (juicetruck.ca): I have an admitted bias towards The Juice Truck (and it’s not because I take credit for turning one of the cofounders vegan). These guys were one of the first businesses in the city to bring vegan eats and drinks to the mainstream. Not only have they been incredibly successful along the way, they have grown their business ethically, remained loyal to their local markets, are genuinely two of the kindest guys I know, and this week on August 1, launched a vegan soft serve at their newest (Yaletown) location. Expect a rotating variety of cold pressed flavours, in addition to a selection of topping such as pineapple caramel, house made peanut butter granola, fresh fruit, and coconut shavings.

    Visit: 1022 Mainland Street.

    Source: The Juice Truck

  4. Chickpea (ilovechickpea.ca): We all know the truck. We all know the falafel. If you are a decent vegan in this city, you best know the hummus. Chickpea dazzled us from day 1 with their classic Mediterranean comfort food, and gained extra points when they announced that they were taking all eggs off the menu (and therefore becoming 100% vegan). Chickpea fries: not to be missed. Cauliflower of Life: speaks for itself.

    Visit: 4298 Main Street.

    Source: Chickpea

    For them, for us, for the planet.

    For The Vegan Project,

    Zoe Peled | IG @zoemarg | zoe@theveganproject.com


  1. Just wondering if Vegans would actually kick an ass?

  2. The Gomae app also has upcoming vegan events/workshops, current news, as well as newly opened (and long anticipated) restaurants in the Lower Mainland!
    One of the best sources/baby steps to becoming vegan ?

  3. Not related to this post but, does anyone wanna have a pizza party at virtuous?

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