7 Things You Need to See At Vegtoria this Saturday

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For the first year, Vegtoria: Victoria’s Veg Fest is taking place on Saturday, July 22 in Centennial Square. Serving as an amazing, pivotal celebration to acknowledge the vegan community and growing culture, Vegtoria celebrates vegan food, community, activism, local vendors, non-profits, music, contests, speakers, and more.

These are the places, people, and foods that you need to experience this weekend, to guarantee that your primary Vegtoria experience will be the utmost of amazing. Take note, and see you in #YYJ this Saturday.

Source: www.sweetsimplevegan.com

  1. Miyoko’s: Ask most folks wavering on the precipice between vegetarian and vegan what the one thing they can’t leave behind before they make the jump is, and ninety percent of these folks will most likely say cheese. Miyoko’s was one of the first vegan cheeses on the market that touched the mainstream markets, dazzled them, and blew their tastebuds out of the water. With flavours like Double Cream Chive, Mt. Vesuvius Black Ash, and the (new, hot off the press) butter alternative, Miyoko and her culinary genius can take on (and triumph) any vegan cheese naysayer. Find them: http://miyokoskitchen.com

  2. Nice Shoes: Nice Shoes is the first (and to date) only vegan shoe store in Vancouver. Stocking popular brands such as (the UK based) Vegetarian Shoes), Matt and Nat, and the new vegan Doc Martens. I’ve purchased vegan riding boots, heels, sandals, bags, and most recently, a pair of special-edition Etnies shoes that have become my go-to for lifting. Not only are the co-owners two of the kindest and most compassionate people in this city, you can’t beat the variety of sizes, styles, a display area that exclusively sells gear to support local activist groups and non-profits, and the array of vegan sweet treats set up (perfectly) near the front till. Find them: www.niceshoes.ca

    Source: PlantBase Food

  3. PlantBase Food and Specialities: If you know, you know. If you don’t, you should know. In addition to the infamous cinnamon buns that sell out on a regular basis, and a wide array of tongue-in-cheek named “meats”, David Isbister oversees both PlantBase Food and Specialities, in addition to the PlantBase EatCLub. If you are a vegan, and you want to follow the notion of supporting local, this is one place you should be stopping on a regular basis. In addition to David’s unique creations, find ready-to-go meals, stew, sauces, soups, a wide array of personal care products, and some of the staple pantry items of us vegan folk (read: Nooch). Find them: https://www.facebook.com/pg/PlantBaseHealth/

  4. Vegan Police Shop: The mastermind behind VPS, Heather, beautifully introduces her clothing line and why it exists: Vegan Police combines my two passions in life. Fighting for the animals,  and art.  Her vegan shirts have been in the works since 2011, and all items are screen printed, by hand in her BC studio. Find them: https://veganpoliceshop.com

  5. Very Good Butchers: VGB belong can also contend under the phrase in the vegan world of ” if you know, you know”. This Victoria (vegan) butcher shop, and the first of its kind, burst on to the culinary scene a few short months ago, receiving praise from vegans and vegetarians alike, and some genuine confusion (slash aggression) from our meat-centric butcher “counterparts.” In between the BBQ-perfect Apple-Fennel sausages, roast ” beast” served by the slice in a classic brown paper package, and the Classic Very Good Burger, this should be one of your regular spots for stocking up, filling the pantry, items to bring to summer BBQ’s, or eat your faux meat slices on the ferry right out of the package (no, I do not speak from experience.)

  6. Vancouver Chicken Save: As a vegan for the animals first and foremost, activism and bearing witness is a regular part of my week. Enter  VCS, which aims to give Vancouver slaughterhouses ” glass walls”. Through bearing witness, VCS raises awareness around one of the longest-standing chicken slaughterhouse operations in Vancouver, and one that is shockingly, a few short minutes from the downtown core. In addition to VCS activities, the organizers are behind some of the biggest animal-activism-based initiatives in the city, and are keeping critical conversations within our community both alive and expanding. Find them: Facebook.com/vancouverchickensave

    Source: Vancouver Chicken Save

  7. James Aspey: It’s no secret that James Aspey is well known (may I say- revered) for his 1 year vow of silence for the animals. It’s no secret why one of his speeches has earned over 11 million views. His journey as a vegan started at a time in his life of multiple challenges, and moved into a positive space of surfing, veganism and meditation. Now, it is his goal in life to educate, encourage, and inspire. In between his vow of silence, cycling 5000 km, and giving over 150 speeches, this (dare I say) legend is not to be missed. Sidenote: expect a proposal, James.

Source: www.jamesaspey.com.au

-Zoe Peled-

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