Cate’s Vegan Challenge – Day 4

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Cate on her sailboat. What a babe!










Hello! Well, today I did much better – to start out.  I had a great shake again for breaky and made sure I packed enough food to get me through the day at work.  I work at a great place that has a terrific health & wellness ethic.  They have a workout room in the basement and every morning there is a fresh vat of brewed green tea ready.  How great is that?? So, after enjoying some green tea with my Agave nectar I felt ready.

I told you yesterday that I picked up some non-dairy cappucino pudding – well, let me tell you how absoulutely fabulous they are!!! I will continue to buy these on a regular basis – and – they are only 70 cal. each!! Win, win.  Snack time was delightful.

Lunch was leftover lentils with hummus, spinach & some tomatoes all wrapped up in a tortilla wrap.  Perfect. Lots of water, an apple and another cup of green tea got me through the afternoon very well.

So, here’s where I digress a little.  I was invited to dinner at my sister-in-law’s home and she was cooking.  I hadn’t had time to tell her about the challenge, but I thought I’d just see what was in store.  Well, she had made a great potato salad, with non-dairy mayo!! A fabulous salad, and lucky for me I had taken my Agave nectar so I made us both some yummy dressing.  She had also cooked some Salmon. Oops.  Well, I tried, but I had to partake in the whole meal.  And it was really great. A bit of a set back for my so-far, pretty darn good week.  I’m thinking though that Salmon is about the least worst item I could have had.  A couple of glasses of my Vegan wine (kidding) was also top notch.

Then for a walk down by the pier, looking at all of the people sitting on the patios slurping their ice creams and desserts.  It was a bit difficult and I was really feeling weak about the ice cream, or even frozen yogurt – just a cupful – please!!!!.  I know, I know there are Vegan replacements, but not easily accesible at any restaurants.  ALERT – Vegan friendly dessert shops needed desperately in Ontario!!!

Well, tomorrow should be interesting.  Having a BBQ with friends (I’m taking my own) and not sure what else will be offered…


~Cate Baldwin


  1. What a fantastic work environment! How cool of her to make the vegan potato salad at least. Maybe you need to open up that bakery 😉

  2. Cate Baldwin says:

    Ha – Heather – I’m thinking about it!!! 🙂

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