Anti-Inflammatory Foods = Great Vegan Skin!

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This Quinoa Salad with Steamed Veggies is a very basic meal idea that we wanted to share with you today because it’s quick to prepare (about 10 minutes), anti-inflammatory, and is a great way to healthy, glowing skin. Oh, and it’s also very tasty!

Last week I attended a seminar called Beautiful Skin Begins Within with Lorna Vanderhaeghe, women’s health expert and Canadian Health Food Association Hall of Fame Award winner. As per her recommendations, I’ve been focussing on anti-inflammatory foods to help my eczema and get my skin back to glowing. According to Lorna, who holds degrees in biochemistry with a Masters in Nutrition, anti inflammatory whole foods also help acne, dry skin, rosacea and psoriasis.

My favourite quote from the whole seminar was this:

“Your skin is a reflection of the tube that runs from your mouth to your anus.” – Lorna Vanderhaeghe

Often when people make the decision to eat a plant based diet, they up their intake of processed foods like soy, (a big no-no for nice skin according to Lorna), fake meats and starchy carbs and wonder why their body responds with skin issues, weight gain and decreased energy.

Because processed foods are so hard to digest, and generally packed with undesirable, unnatural ingredients, they cause what’s called nutritional stress. This term was made popular in the plant-based foods community by Brendan Brazier, formulator of Vega. Nutritional stress basically refers to the extra work your body, specifically your digestive system (the ‘tube’ referred to above), needs to do in order to digest, assimilate and eliminate foods that are unnatural. This extra work can actually cause inflammation of the whole digestive system, which can lead to adverse effects such as bad skin, excess weight, decreased energy and flatulence.

The solution? Eat whole, plant based, easy to digest foods that give you energy, make you feel good, and work wonders on your skin.

The more you eat like a rabbit (let’s be honest), the less your body craves salt, sugar and other ingredients that suck your energy. The picture above looks like a whole lotta veggies, and IT IS! But after a few days or a week of eating natural foods, your body will be craving broccoli and kale instead of chips and sugary treats.

The result is glowing skin, a lean, healthy body, and a clean conscience knowing no animals were harmed in the making of your food.

Quinoa Salad with Steamed Veggies

Ingredients: Solo lunch

1 bunch of broccolini (the florets went bright yellow when I steamed them)

3 leaves of kale

1/2 cup of quinoa (cooked in advance and kept in my fridge for easy access)

A handful of chopped parsley

1 organic roma tomato

1/4 cup sprouted lentils

2 tbsp Vega AntiOxidant EFA Oil or olive oil (both are anti inflammatory)

1 tsp gluten free tamari (or more to taste)

Himilayan rock salt

A couple lettuce leaves

Cracked pepper to taste


Combine quinoa, tomato, parsley, and lentils in a bowl and place on top of a couple lettuce leaves on your plate. Steam broccolini and kale quickly (1-2 minutes so you don’t destroy all the enzymes) and plate. Pour your oil and tamari on top of everything, sprinkle with a bit of rock salt and pepper to taste.

I made this dressing very simple because I just picked up a whole bunch of amazing organic veggies and wanted to taste their full flavour, plus I love the nutty flavour of the Vega Oil. You can substitute for a more flavourful dressing, such as our Creamy Poppyseed Dressing, if the above is a little too ‘granola’ for you.

Stay tuned while I embark on my month of clean food. I’ll make it as interesting and delicious as possible, I promise!

~ The Vegan Project





  1. Very informative! Thank you!

  2. Brenda Lee Ayala Parrilla says:

    Yes this lifestyle makes us sparkle 🙂

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