Our visit to Eternal Abundance

The Vegan Project was recently invited to Eternal Abundance to enjoy their beautiful menu offerings. We were certainly pleasantly pleased. Eternal Abundance is one of the original Vegan/Raw Restaurants in Vancouver located at 1025 Commercial Drive in the heart of East Vancouver! A few notes from Alex, Owner of Eternal Abundance! “About the Cafe: Everything Continue Reading …

An evening with James Aspey

The Vegan Project + Willow’s Wax Bar present:  James Aspey  365 Day of Silence For Animals Tour | Vancouver This Friday July 28th | Doors 6:30PM | Talk 7:00PM

Rhiannon’s Guide to A Delicious Cruelty-Free Halloween 2.0

Halloween is my ultimate favourite holiday. I hope you find this helpful, and that it inspires you to get creative with making all sorts of Vegan delights and in making new traditions for your friends and family! I am thrilled to share these goodies with you.

Resolve This, 2016 || The VP Team Resolutions

T’is the season for new goals, new intentions, an upsurge in gym memberships, and juice cleanses a-plenty. The New Year typically begins with a swell in personal health and wellness goals. Not only do we collectively support these, we decided it was time to state some of our own.

Rhiannon’s Guide to A Delicious Cruelty-Free Halloween

Having been a Vegan for the past 14 years, I have become quite crafty and knowledgable in all the tasty holiday treats. I can recall certain instances where I have felt left out or a little envious of everyone around me enjoying their non-vegan delights, so I decided to take charge and come up with new traditions Continue Reading …

Day 1 – Reflections – Jessica & Bridget

i feel highly irritable today. Not sure if it is because of the shitty cups of sub-par, sans cream coffee this morning, the beginning of the vegan september, or other factors in my life that are unavoidable and biological…being vegan was pretty easy today.