Day 4 – fashion faux pas-by jessica

I’m going to a bbq tomorrow out in the suburbs for my friend’s birthday.  it is also the celebration welcoming her new baby boy into the world.  i decided that since the summer is quickly dwindling, a nice ‘welcome baby’ gift would be a hand knitted toque.  then, i realized that the yarn i happen Continue Reading …

Day 4-The cost of a conscience-by bridget

Well folks, i remain vegan after  a fun night out with the girls…was a bit more tame than i anticipated.  started the night off with some letter writing at a stationary store on main.  then went to a couple different bars for some wine and a cocktail or two, and then ended up at my Continue Reading …

day 3 – i didn’t swallow – by jen

I had to get up early to drive kev (the boyfriend) to the airport. we stopped in at the coffee shop on the way. i was tired, looking forward to my foamy soy latte, when the girl behind the counter offered me a tray of delicious looking, freshly baked banana bread. i popped the mini Continue Reading …

Day 3-ethical conflict in the workplace-by bridget

So…i regularly go on auditions (mostly commercials, sometimes tv/film) and sometimes the products that i am involved with are certainly NOT vegan.

Day 2 – Soy OD-by jen

Soy latte + soy cheese + veggie ground round = soy O.D.

Day 2 – Vegan-couver! – Bridget

So, the day was off to a great start as some of you may have read on our twitter this morn.

Day 2 – Reflections and Clarifications-by jessica

Into day 2 now of vegan September and I’m realizing that a few things need clarification.