Breakfast Burrito from [in the oven] bakery!

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We love two things. Breakfasts and burritos. It only made sense to combine the two to create an amazing taste sensation. Of course, we had to make sure we were packing it full of goodness and flavor. After some careful thought we created perfection. It combined our own recipe for Sweet Potato Hash, Isa Chandra’s scrambled tofu, grilled tomato, avocado and spinach all crammed into a wrap. Drooling yet? Now only is it delicious, but it’s nutrient dense; protein, iron, vitamin A, fiber, potassium…we could keep going! If that doesn’t convince you, then make it yourself and you’ll taste the amazingness of it.

There is a lot going on, but for most of the time, things are just cooking which don’t need your full attention. Don’t be overwhelmed! It is well worth it and just takes a bit of multitasking. Enjoy!! It’s our new favourite meal.

Serves 4


4 whole wheat wraps (or gluten free wraps)

1 avocado cut into chunks

1 tomato cut in half

1 cup of spinach

Scrambled tofu follow Isa Chandra’s recipe:

Sweet Potato Hash:

1 cup of grated sweet potato (we attempted to figure out how many sweet potatoes this was, but we have massive sweet potatoes and it took about a third…so it really depends on the size of your potato how much this will be!)

Half an onion sliced

4-6 mushrooms sliced

1 tablespoon of Tahini

1 teaspoon of Liquid Smoke


1. Get your tofu out of the fridge and drain as much water as you can out of it. Wrap it up in a paper towel and let it sit while you start your hash to continue to draw moisture out of it.

2. Start prepping your hash – grate and slice up the veggies you need. Mix them all up together with the tahini and liquid smoke and toss it into an oiled frying pan and cook on a medium high heat.

3. Back to the tofu – follow Isa’s recipe (link above) make it. Her recipes are really clear and step-by-step, so it’s an easy one to follow. We suggest getting the tofu cooking in the pan now because it takes about the same amount of time as the hash to cook.

4. Cut a tomato in half and drizzle with a bit of oil and give it a sprinkle of salt. Put on a griddle pan (if you have one) or just a normal pan at a medium high heat.

5. Keep an eye on the tofu and the hash. You don’t want to stir the hash too much, because you want it to become crunchy and cook together into chunks. You do need to toss it around so it all cooks evenly and nothing burns. In total, we cook it for about 10-15 minutes. Basically until it’s to a crispy and all the veggies are cooked.

6. While that is all cooking start making the spice blend to mix with the tofu as per Isa’s instructions.

7. While everything is finishing cooking, get your wraps ready. Slice up your avocado and get your spinach out. The tomato should now be grilled to perfection – take it off and slice it up. Now comes assembly- this is the easy part!

8. Layer up your wrap, start with the hash, put on some tofu. Throw on the sliced avocado, and now the tomato. Sprinkle with the spinach. Now it’s time to roll. Fold in the ends and gently roll it away from yourself tightly.

9. We like to finish ours off by grilling it on the griddle pan to give the wrap a bit of crispiness, but this is optional! It just needs about 1 minutes on each side. It also helps to hold the wrap together (which it may need if you are us and pack it full to the brim!)

Now just cut it half and enjoy! The flavours will wow you, the slight smokiness of the hash, the saltiness of the tofu, the creamy avocado….mmm seconds anyone?! We suggest this as a perfect Saturday morning brunch…Perhaps before heading to the Baker’s Market at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre (shameless plug!). But in all seriousness, it’s the last one of the year and we’d love to end with a bang! Doors open at 11am. We usually sell out so come early – check out our Facebook page for more info and to see what we are planning on bringing this week! See you there, breakfast burrito in hand!

Erica & Sami




Thanks Erica & Sami!

~The Vegan Project



  1. Your recipes have my mouth watering. I’ll certainly be trying them out very soon. Thanks for sharing

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