Cadbury Creme Eggs: The Vegan Version

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Every year, around mid-March, grocery store shelves are stocked with the infamous Cadbury Creme Egg. They have been around since 1963, and over the years, Cadbury has introduced a multitude of flavors and variations. The eggs, which are made of milk chocolate and fondant (water and sugar), have become one of the most recognized parts of Easter, and people buy them in bag-loads.

Finally- the vegans can partake as well! Behold: a vegan version of the ‘Creme’ Egg featuring dark chocolate, and a wide variety of fillings to create customized, choose-your-own chocolate adventures.

Easter “Creme” Eggs

1 package of non-dairy cream cheese (preferably organic)
3 cups powdered sugar (you can also use half powdered and half coconut sugar)
12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate, melted
1.5 tsp. vanilla

1) Beat the cream cheese in a mixing bowl until it’s smooth. Gradually, add in the sugar portion by portion, until it is well-incorporated with the cream cheese.

2) Add half the melted chocolate, blend, and add the remaining portion. Last but not least- vanilla!

3) Refrigerate the mixture for at least two hours before you’re working with it. If you’re not pressed for time, overnight is ideal.

4) You can two options: you can either mold the “eggs” using an egg-shaped toy or tray, or make them solid and then scoop out the excess.

5) For option 1, press the chocolate into the mold, and let set minimum 3 hours. For option 2, form the chocolate into egg-like shapes, place on wax-lined tray and let them refrigerate for minimum 4 hours.

6) Option 2, part 2: use a small heated teaspoon to scoop out the “yolk” from your eggs. Let them sit for an additional hour.

7) You can fill with eggs with a variety of “cream” alternatives:

* Caramel (made from dates and coconut sugar)
* Coconut shavings and fresh raspberries
* Walnuts and cashews
* Vegan whipped cream

(Peanut butter or almond butter works wonders as well.)

8) Once you have filled the eggs, you can either leave them as halves, or use the chocolate mixture to “glue” the two sides together.

9) Let the eggs set for an additional two hours (min) before serving. Enjoy!






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