Vanilla Coconut Milk & Yellow Curry Chana Dahl

Screen shot 2014-07-18 at 9.45.53 AM

A new summer staple, dal is is a dried pulse (lentil, pea, or a various type of bean), that has been split. The word is also used to name the stew prepared from them, a dish we often see in Indian, Nepali, and or/ Pakistani cuisine. Dal is an ideal source of protein for vegan Continue Reading …

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Dijon-marinated “Cheesy” Tofu with Black Pepper


This is an easy, nutrient-dense tofu dish that not only works well as a main, but re-heats perfectly and is delicious cold, in salads.

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Salsa Sam Does Salsa-Inspired (no fat, no salt) Tofu!


Well folks, I (Salsa Sam Shorkey) have perfected yet another delicious protein source for my competition dieting as a vegan bikini competitor.  It’s no surprise how much I love Mexican food.  And well, since I can’t hog out on chips & salsa these days, I can definitely salsa-up the copious amounts of tofu I’m eating.  Continue Reading …

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Bhaigan Bharta – Sula’s Famous Eggplant Curry Recipe


A couple of weeks ago, Bridget and I (Sam) were invited for a lovely dinner at Sula: a modern “vegan friendly” Indian restaurant in one of Vancouver’s hippest areas on Commercial Drive. As we sipped on almond milk chai and their signature “Delhi to Dublin” Cocktail, we learned so much about Indian cuisine from part-owner Continue Reading …

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Thai Peanut Curry With Veggies, Tofu and Pineapple

thai peanut

I was inspired to create this peanut curry while in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. A Thai restaurant there made this so well, I just had to create my own! The Grub: Serves 4 2 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil 1 large onion, chopped 1/2 350-gram package extra firm tofu, cubed 3 Continue Reading …

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Sam Shorkey’s Super Simple Slow Cooker Beans


I love my good ol’, trusty crock pot.  Well, I should add that I certainly don’t enjoy how it makes my entire apartment reek like onions for DAYS– but using a slow cooker is oh-so convenient AND so damned easy!  So alas, I endure the strong smell of stew that lingers on my clothes and Continue Reading …

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Sizzling Szechuan Beefless Strips with Sauteed Veggies and Brown Rice


This meal comes together so quickly and is a great meatless dinner option for busy people on the go. A meat alternative, combined with fresh veggies and whole grains is a perfect, well-rounded meal for vegans or for those trying to eat less meat. These Szechuan Strips fuelled our work session the other day and we Continue Reading …

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Thai Peanut Curry with Veggies, Tofu & Pineapple


I was inspired to create this peanut curry while in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. A Thai restaurant there made this so well, I just had to create my own!

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Tempeh Gumbo from Cookin’ Crunk

tempeh gumbo

This Tempeh Gumbo is a warm and hearty stew to enjoy on a cold winter’s night. It’s kind of creamy because of the oil and flour base better known as a roux, and some heat from the cayenne.  It hails from Cookin’ Crunk by Bianca Phillips, a thoughtful gift from Sam last Christmas. Serve with Continue Reading …

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Palak Tofu


I love to browse through the local daily newspapers and always flip to the recipe section (if there is one) to see if there’s something tasty to veganize. This past Sunday, hindus all over the world celebrated Diwali or ‘the festival of lights’, thus inspiring an indian dish called Palak Paneer as the featured recipe. Continue Reading …

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