Tea Baggin’ with The Vegan Project


All of us “socialites” here at The Vegan Project are admitted caffeine addicts.  In fact, as this very moment in blog writing history, Bridget and I (Sam) are enjoying a delicious cup of coffee at a quaint, west end coffee shop.  Espressos, dark chocolate mochas, soy americanos, almond milk lattes, matcha, black, herbal or green Continue Reading …

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Vegan Irish Cream


  Nothing says Christmas like some Bailey’s and coffee or Bailey’s over ice, or on its own – really any way to consume that creamy whisky over the holidays is welcomed. When I went vegan, the absence of Irish cream definitely left a hole in my heart. That is, until our very talented Art Director Continue Reading …

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Creamy Apricot Chai Smoothie

Apricots, fresh off of our local fruit trees, are everywhere right now! I was fortunate enough to get a big box picked directly off of a friend’s tree in the Okanagan, and froze three big bags for fall and winter. This smoothie not only has all the benefits of these delicious little fruits, including eye Continue Reading …

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Mac & ‘Chreese’ with Bacony Bits and Frozen Peas


Ok, this isn’t really a recipe.  It’s just a few awesome vegan products thrown together to make an incredibly comforting, and kid-friendly meal.  Over the weekend we visited Karmavore Vegan Shop for our regular vegan haul, and to show a recently vegan friend, this little gem New Westminster has to offer.  We dined on veggie burgers, eggless Continue Reading …

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Mad Men Inspired Cocktail Party Menu


Last night was the fifth season premier of one of our favourite shows, Mad Men.  We love the cast, clothes, storylines and overall production value, and of course, the smoking and drinking all day long

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Chocolate-Peanut Butter Smoothie


So I’ve been going to the gym/yoga a lot lately and looking to feed my muscles well after doing so.  The other day I went to a hot class at YYoga and decided to hit Body Energy on Davie afterwards for one of their tasty smoothies.  I am a sucker for the chocolate monkey,using chocolate Continue Reading …

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Raw Chocolate Cherry Malt Shake


Our very talented friend, Julie Beyer, who you might remember from last Spring’s Whole Food Challenge, wanted to share with us her recipe for a Raw Chocolate Cherry Malt Shake.  We of course said, YES!

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So Nice For Coffee | Sponsored Post


So Nice Organic Soy Beverages has launched So Nice For Coffee: a smooth creamer alternative to replace that good ol’ half-n-half.

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Fishy Wine? New Law Good News for Strict Vegans


(photo illustration by Cinders McLeod / The Globe and Mail) According to a recent story in The Globe and Mail, as part of a new Health Canada food and beverage regulation, wine producers will be required to declare if their wines have been processed using fish, egg, milk products, or any other common allergens by summer Continue Reading …

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A Very Potent Love Potion: Raw Mayan Chocolate Drink


Raw organic cacao contains high amounts of antioxidants, and the alkaloid theobromine, that positively effect your brain chemistry, and make you feel good. Theobromine originates from the Greek prefix, ‘Theo’ referring to the ‘study of God’, and ‘Bromine’ originating from the Greek word ‘brosi’, meaning ‘food’. So theobromine, literally translates to ‘Food of the Gods’.  Continue Reading …

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