Basic But (Basically) The Best: Top 5 Ways to Get Your Pumpkin Spice Fix

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Towards the end of summer in Vancouver, we begin to see the posts. Usually, they are signalled by the seasonal shifts of Starbucks cups and marketing focuses; and their role in introducing (and promoting, extensively) the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte. The incredibly speed at which the “PSL” not only hit the market, but influenced an entire Continue Reading …

The Summer of Vegan: BBQ + Camping 101

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  We have all been that person at the summer BBQ. Carrying an extra tote bag full of stocked Tupperware containers, we meticulously arrange our food on the side while everyone gets to dig into the main spread. Usually the token Veggie Platter offers some opportunities for us, followed by the inevitable slew of questions Continue Reading …

Spiced Carrot, Apple + Ginger Juice

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Pretty much from September to December it’s ‘pumpkin spice this’, and ‘holiday gathering that’, not to mention baked goods laced in between. Now don’t get me wrong, I love love these months because they are a foodie’s dream, but sometimes your system needs a little break, right? Juicing is the perfect way to satisfy that Continue Reading …

Tea Baggin’ with The Vegan Project

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All of us “socialites” here at The Vegan Project are admitted caffeine addicts.  In fact, as this very moment in blog writing history, Bridget and I (Sam) are enjoying a delicious cup of coffee at a quaint, west end coffee shop.  Espressos, dark chocolate mochas, soy americanos, almond milk lattes, matcha, black, herbal or green Continue Reading …

Vegan Irish Cream

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  Nothing says Christmas like some Bailey’s and coffee or Bailey’s over ice, or on its own – really any way to consume that creamy whisky over the holidays is welcomed. When I went vegan, the absence of Irish cream definitely left a hole in my heart. That is, until our very talented Art Director Continue Reading …

Creamy Apricot Chai Smoothie

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Apricots, fresh off of our local fruit trees, are everywhere right now! I was fortunate enough to get a big box picked directly off of a friend’s tree in the Okanagan, and froze three big bags for fall and winter. This smoothie not only has all the benefits of these delicious little fruits, including eye Continue Reading …


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I have been completely inspired by Joni Marie Newman’s book, Vegan Food Gifts!  It’s full of creative, beautiful gifts that you can make for your friends and family over the holidays.  The book provides packaging recommendations, includes gift tags that you can scan, AND has recipes for making your own flavoured adult beverages!

How to Make Your Smoothie Super Powered (Don’t Judge a Smoothie by its Color!)

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Doesn’t this smoothie look disgusting?? Although this ugly vegan concoction looks like pond sludge, it’s actually the most delicious smoothie I’ve had in a long time… seriously! With 20 grams of plant based protein, fibre that’s guaranteed to get you movin’, and loads of electrolytes and iron, this ugly little mess goes to prove you Continue Reading …

Kale Slaw with Barbecue Crumbles

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If you don’t already receive the VegNews Magazine emails, I suggest you sign up, because they have sourced out some of the yummiest recipes around.  This Kale Slaw recipe graced my inbox a few days ago, and I just knew it would be perfect for entertaining friends.  It was such a crowd pleaser; delicious & flavourful, Continue Reading …

Marinated Tofu Kebabs with Coconut Curry Quinoa

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This came together really easily and was such a fresh and light summer dinner.  We eat A LOT of quinoa in my house, so finding new ways to spice it up is always a good thing.  The coconut was so yummy mixed in with the quinoa!  A squeeze of fresh lime and lots of cilantro Continue Reading …