Creamy Pumpkin Seed Pesto

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This creamy pesto was created as a dip for a potluck barbeque, and it was gone before I could write down the recipe! The additions of miso and tahini make it smooth and creamy, with a full flavour that will keep you – and your friends – dipping for more.

It was actually quite the fiasco to finish this little dish. First, I sprouted pumpkin seeds, thinking I’d add to the enzyme factor, but apparently I didn’t rinse them often enough (4 times a day is not enough??) and they got super funky, so I had to toss them out. Then, Bridget delicately plucked an entire bag of basil from her patio garden for me to use with my newly purchased pumpkin seeds, and… I forgot it in her fridge when I drove home to White Rock.

I’m happy to say that it was well worth the wait.

Ingredients: (can be made all raw)

1 1/4 cups of soaked (overnight will suffice) pumpkin seeds

1 1/2 cups of packed basil leaves

1/4 cup tahini

1/4 cup of oil (I used Vega Antioxidant Blend, I really like the nutty flavour)

2-3 big cloves of garlic

1 tbsp Shiro Miso

Juice of 2 big lemons

1/4 tsp sea salt


My VitaMix was in its full glory making this simple little dip. It helped to make it super creamy, but if you don’t have one, don’t fret. Any old food processor will do, but keep in mind the finished product may not be as creamy as shown. Toss all ingredients in your processor except the oil, and once it’s chopped and blended, add the oil in a steady stream. Serve with whatever’s fresh (home grown zucchini shown above).

This doubles as a sandwich spread, pasta sauce, or even a salad dressing if you adjust the density with either oil, water or lemon juice for some extra pep.

~The Vegan Project

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