day 20 – vegan grade 1 – by jen

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i’m getting to the point where i don’t mind skipping the cream in my americano (the thought doesn’t even appeal to me at this point) and dodging the obviously buttery muffins and scones. but i am starting to get frustrated at not being able to eat things that aren’t supposed to have dairy in them. for example, jess and i have a particular..well, love for lime tortilla chips. they are just sooo yummy. and as i sit here, on my orange couch, with my loving boyfriend munching loudly beside me, i must say i’m looking forward to october.

jess and i were talking about the theme for october the other day, and she proposed with almost overwhelming enthusiasm “Cheesy October!!”. (woah! Fromo!)

after this month, i think i’m good without the literal application of animal products to my food, but the sneaky milk ingredients that i find at the very end of a long list of ingredients…i think i may make concessions.

the enjoyment i get out of eating those chips on occasion far exceeds the potentially de-moralizing act of eating a trace amount of sour cream. i’m not feeling the guilt at this level of my veganism. perhaps i’m only in vegan grade one.

and as i smell the tangy synthetic lime on my love’s fingers as he caresses my cheek and tells me i’m pretty, i’d have to say i’m ok with that.

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