day 22 – 8 days and counting – by jen

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i want miso soup. i want lime tortilla chips. i want a raspberry white chocolate scone, extra crispy, toasted, with 2 little packets of butter. i want an americano breve, not misto. that means with steamed cream, not milk. i think.

alas, as much as i am going through what i hope are final withdrawals resulting in an absence of craving for the rest of my omnivorous life, i am feeling pretty good.

my muscles are strong. standing series in bikrams class today was so good, i was feeling my muscles contract and they still had more to give. my skin is very clear, and the size 4 dress i tried on in RW today was too big. although the girl was quick to assure me that their sizes do, indeed, fit small.        bitch.

i find myself now pitifully snacking on (choking on) plain sundried tomatoes, reading jess’ blog, and wondering what the hell she’s saying about wine and beer?! don’t even go there!

sure would be easier if i lived in vancouver. now to go for a bite to eat, and struggle hard to find something i can ‘eat’ with my smiling happy face.

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