day 3 – i didn’t swallow – by jen

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I had to get up early to drive kev (the boyfriend) to the airport. we stopped in at the coffee shop on the way. i was tired, looking forward to my foamy soy latte, when the girl behind the counter offered me a tray of delicious looking, freshly baked banana bread. i popped the mini delight in my mouth without even thinking about it. “that’s not vegan.” says kev. “shit.” says i, slightly muffled by the dairy containing surprise barely past my lips. i found a napkin and spit it out.

is ‘i didn’t swallow’ the equivalent of ‘i didn’t inhale’ ? i think i’m still pure.

it seems everything i wanted to eat had some form of dairy in it. my crackers and my fave bread have modified milk ingredients (along with a long list of ingredients totally foreign to me) and sugar. kev’s eggo waffles, the freezer temptations, weren’t even a possibility. the cupcakes miss leah brought in to the yoga studio (my place of employment) were assuredly NOT vegan, and i couldn’t even calm my cravings with my usual salty sustenance, miso soup. stupid fish stock.

no more complaining though. i can derive satisfaction from avocado, tomato and hot sauce combinations.

maybe i’ll search out a vegan banana bread recipe.

sincerely vegan,


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