Day 4 – fashion faux pas-by jessica

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I’m going to a bbq tomorrow out in the suburbs for my friend’s birthday.  it is also the celebration welcoming her new baby boy into the world.  i decided that since the summer is quickly dwindling, a nice ‘welcome baby’ gift would be a hand knitted toque.  then, i realized that the yarn i happen to be knitting with is technically an animal product, and that true vegans do not use ANY kind of animal products, including wool.

this got me thinking about other things in my wardrobe that a vegan wouldn’t be caught dead wearing, such as my knee high leather boots.  i also own a beautiful leather bound notebook that bridget brought back from Italy for me.  i actually looked at it the other day and thought to myself how bizarre the whole concept of leather is.  the skin of a living creature is encasing the paper on which i often write, but why?  why is this regarded as beautiful and when did we accept this as the norm?  looking at something for what it is, instead of its culturally defined meaning, can inspire new realizations about your beliefs and behaviour, and whether or not you want to continue subscribing to such conditioning.

essentially, wearing leather is just as bad as wearing fur, but there certainly aren’t protesters lined up outside aldo, waiting to dump red paint on your new pumps.  and then there’s the whole seal hunt controversy, where people are appalled at the Canadian seal hunt, but why aren’t they equally appalled at the way that chickens, cows and pigs are treated in the meat industry?  is it because seals are cuter that they deserve to be defended?

although this particular experiment is focused on diet, veganism truly is an entire way of living, with many different factors to consider. but if i get rid of my leather goods, someone else will likely end up wearing them.  will that solve anything?  if i destroy them, will the animal have died in vain?  is it cruel to shave the wool off a sheep?  so many questions, yet i have another toque to knit for another bday on sunday.  Perhaps I will use synthetic yarn…. jessica

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