Day 4-The cost of a conscience-by bridget

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Well folks, i remain vegan after  a fun night out with the girls…was a bit more tame than i anticipated.  started the night off with some letter writing at a stationary store on main.  then went to a couple different bars for some wine and a cocktail or two, and then ended up at my favourite french fry stand.

jess and i let them know up front that we were vegan, and asked what that left for us to enjoy.  the lovely woman behind the counter suggested that some of her vegan clients bring their own vegan cheese and they sprinkle it over fries and top with veggie gravy, wow!  they even showed us the ingredients on the package of the powdered gravy mix (which i wish i was not privy to after the fact).  as we did not have our own cheese with us this time, we settled on fries with gravy and some cajun ketchup.

now to cheese, and to addressing the title of this entry.  popped over to the store to pick up some cheese in the event that i may like to enjoy a vegan poutine at the end of my shift at the discotheque this evening.  i purchased 5 items, and the bill came to $23.65!  shit, this mindful eating is for ballers, i exclaimed…in my head.  here’s what i purchased:

1 can of low-sodium split pea soup $4.29

1 avocado $2.69

1 clamshell of strawberries $3.89

1 berry flavoured vitamin packet $3.79

1 package of vegan mozzarella $8.99

this weekend will involve re-evaluating my purchasing tactics and looking at more cost efficient options such as whole foods (ie beans, legumes, veggies, not packaged or processed), buying in bulk, etc.

BUT, no animals were maimed or killed, and for that i am grateful and will rest easy.

love to animals big and small xoxo…bridget


  1. Bridget … where do you live? This sounds expensive. You can make a “cheesy” sauce with nutritional yeast for much less … good for something like macaroni and “no cheese” but I won’t lie to you it doesn’t really taste like cheese. Here’s a good comfort food, take two tortillas, slather some hummus on each half, throw some salsa in the middle, put it together and heat it up in a pan (like a quesadilla). This comes from the brilliant vegan chef Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. When it’s done cut it into four with a pizza cutter, top with more salsa and an avocado. Yum, yum and easy to make even after a few drinks. Keep it up, you divas are doing great!

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