day 6 – i feel ill – by jessica

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i have no idea if this has anything to do with my new dairy/fish/meat free diet, but last night, i was suddenly overcome with a feeling of lightheadedness.  i felt weak and my face turned pale.  jen drove me home and i went to bed, only to wake up sick in the middle of the night after tossing and turning and generally having a bad sleep.  i think it may have been food poisoning related, but the only thing i ate that was different than my counterparts (who were all feeling fine) was some raw veggies, fruit and nacho chips at our friend’s daughter’s birthday party.  could i be lacking iron? other nutrients?  my diet has been pretty varied and full of nutrient rich foods, and i have been taking vega supplements here and there… but i definitely don’t feel 100%.

after this weekend’s two bbq parties i attended, i realized that i will have to be prepared for my food choices to be put on the table for dissection, as was the case when we had to refuse a piece of the beautiful homemade birthday cake at our friend’s daughter’s first birthday party.  i heard comments like ‘you just don’t refuse a piece of cake at a birthday party’ and ‘why anyone would place such restrictions on themselves is beyond me’. to which i just smiled and nodded, not really wanting to derail the joyous festivities to get into a discussion on the many different reasons someone might have for placing such restrictions on themselves.  bridget and i wondered why people even cared what we were eating, as though it made some kind of difference to them.  if anything, there would be more cake for them to enjoy… jessica


  1. Jess, I’ve done a few clenses before where I had to cut all animal derivatives from my diet, and I also felt lightheaded, nauseous, etc. I think any radical change in diet will throw your body off a little; it takes time to get used to it.
    On a lighter note, remember when we used to come back from the bar and eat chicken nuggets and fries, both covered with mayo (the real shit) and tons of ketchup? Hmmmm… Am I even allowed to spell out words like chicken and mayo, or are they considered xxx-rated food porn? 🙂

  2. Hey there! I read this and thought it also might have been some improper cleaning done at the farm that grew the vegetables. Sometimes bacteria can get in there, so food poisoning might have been the case! Hope you’re feeling better now 🙂

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