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It’s always a special honour to be invited into someone’s a home to enjoy their homemade food. Especially when you don’t know them at all. That’s what happened recently when talented Chef Yash invited The Vegan Project, Salsa Sam, our new friend Jaclyn from Vega, and our meat-loving friend Damon to his home to enjoy the vegan version of his new culinary adventure, #DinnerProjectYVR.

Remember the name ‘yummus’. It’s another one of Chef Yash’s projects and you’re certainly going to hear about it again. He’s a hummus purist, so when he puts a creative spin on it he must call it something different. That’s what our dinner experience started with: earth crisps and smoked yummus. When a man makes his own root vegetable chips and hummus, he’s got the keys to any vegan girl’s heart. Of course, we devoured it all right away, our favourites being the super thinly shaved beet chips dipped in the creamy smooth and smoky yummus.

Next up: Yash brought out our second course, aubergine kibbeh with cucumber vinaigrette. Kibbeh is traditionally made with bulghur, minced onions and ground meat, but Yash replaced the meat with eggplant. The result was a savoury delight that made me renounce my long held disdain for eggplant.

The third course, again graciously delivered by Chef Yash, was tabouleh and garbanzo bean salad, which arrived in cute little purple radicchio cups. Yash definitely scored points for his presentation in every course – one of the key indicators of a passionate chef. The crispy, seasoned chickpeas around the cups were a delicious side.

The fourth course: roasted squash salad with crispy cauliflower. Yet another impressively creative dish, followed by carrot sorbet, a palate cleanser that was – you guessed it – made from scratch. We weren’t sure what to think of it as he delivered it to our table, but we were pleasantly surprised by its sweetness. A perfect prelude to the next course: eggplant tomato soup with moghrabieh pearls, which are really just giant couscous. This dish was warm and comforting, with the chewiness of the pearls nicely complementing the rich, savoury soup.

For dessert, we were served saffron and cardamom poached pears with homemade almond milk ice cream! A sweet finish to cap off an impressive seven-course menu at tremendous value. With such a gracious host with amazing culinary talent, anyone, vegan or not, would be lucky to experience  #DinnerProjectYVR. Yash does dinners of all kinds, but his next vegan-friendly dinner is happening at a secret location in Vancouver on March 3. You, dear Vegan Project readers, are the first to know!

If you’re interested in participating in Yash’s #DinnerProjectYVR, email him at  to make your reservation. Guests are charged a flat rate for the evening, and you can bring your own beverages. Follow Chef Yash for #DinnerProjectYVR updates on Twitter and Instagram at @_itsYash.

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