5 Things We Can’t Wait To Inhale at Eat Drink Vegan 2018

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It’s one of the events that vegans across North America (and the whole world) wait for with baited breath, preparing their stomachs for grand feasts, new dishes, and new flavours. This weekend, we return to Eat Drink Vegan (formerly the Vegan Food and Beer Festival), in Los Angeles, a well known vegan mecca. Which booths will we be rushing to first?


1. Sizzle Pie (Oregon + Washington)

Photo: Sizzle Pie

Enthusiastically consumed at 4:00AM for the first time during The Vegan Project’s inaugural crew trip to PDX, Sizzle Pie is what vegan pizza is all about. Expect rich, gooey cheese, loaded toppings that require both hands used per pizza slice, unique ingredient combos, and the savoury, satisfying goodness that we all expect from a classic slice.


2. Sage Bistro

Photo: Sage Bistro

Sage has been on my radar for years. Not only is it an always-frequented spot when we visit LA, it boasts the additional feat of being run by the same incredible minds who put Kind Kreme (read: dreamy vegan ice cream) into the universe. One of their company pillars is ” providing a taste experience that gives people the comforting feeling they’re used to while gently challenging their perception of food – where it comes from and how what they eat impacts the world.” They achieve it with every dish, every meal, and every breakfast taco.


3. Charlie’s Brownies 

Photo: Charlie’s Brownies

Full transparency: if you give me the option between savoury and sweet, chances are high I am going to lean towards the savoury option. That said, hand me a platter with one of the mountainous chocolate creations from Charlie’s ( or the Caramel Blondie Sundae, pictured), all savoury bets are off.


4. Sgaia’s Vegan Meats

Photo: Sgaia’s Vegan Meats

EDV welcomes Sgaia Vegan Meats, a profound company based in the UK. (Did you see that platter in the photograph?) Sgaia produces what they refer to as ” mheat”, a vegan meat made with a uniquely crafted blend of wheat & soya protein and very few other, whole plant-based ingredients. Just like an artisanal bakery makes its bread, it all starts from a dough, which is then seasoned and cooked differently according to several carefully devised recipes.” They have created a variety of products such as Pastrami, Streaky Bacon, Rare Roast Beef and Italian Salamino (pepperoni). We will take one of each, please + thanks. 


5. Avocadomama

Photo: Avocadomama

I’m just going to go ahead and break the ice: contrary to the name, Avocadomama is not, in fact, an avocado-everything restaurant, cafe, or business. It is the other kind of vegan holy grail: a 100% vegan mac and cheese pop up. OG Mac, curry Mac, Taco Jalapeño, and more. Select items feature the one and only Miyoko’s, and they also feature the “Not Pocket”, stuffed with OG cheese, shrooms, spinach with seasoned meat crumbles, OR OG cheese, soyrizo, and sweet potato with jalapeños. Avocado who?



This list is just the beginning of a truly amazing collection of vegan chefs, minds, and cuisine masters. For the full list of vendors, guests, and tickets, visit: www.eatdrinkvegan.com

If you’ll be at EDV this Saturday, keep an eye out for Bridget and I! You can spot me from the giant avocado tattooed on my leg, and chances are we’ll be skillfully balancing one Doomie’s Big Mac  in each hand.

Until Saturday-happy feasting!

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