Glory, glory, hallelujah! A 3-Day Juice Cleanse

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The words “juice”, and “juicing” meant something very different several years ago. In particular, if I think of juice consumption when I was young, the only thing that existed for me when I heard that word were beverages of the Sun Rype Variety (primarily orange and grapefruit.) Fast-forward to a few years after the juice box era, and the term was fast associated with “ that guy” who was on the late-night infomercials, preaching the health benefits of fresh juice. “ That guy” is Jack LaLanne, and just over a year ago, I purchased his infamous juicer, watched my first batch of apples and carrots transform, and I was a convert.

In the past few months, juice has been redefined in Vancouver, as the prevalence of juice companies has expanded exponentially. One of these companies is the Glory Juice Co, located in Arbutus Ridge. Operating for under a year, the shop specializes in bottle of organic, cold-pressed juice, organic nut milks, smoothies, and super-food snacks. Glory offers a 1-day, 3-day, 5-day, or 7-day juice cleanse (another familiar term), which is regarded as an ideal way to naturally flush your body of unwanted toxins, and re-set your system. The Glory cleanse is designed to give the body a break from digestion, while keeping you both nutritionally satiated and energized.

To see if these claims held up, I chose to do the cleanse over a fairly busy weekend, with a wide range of activities to see how my body would respond:

Friday: morning run/ work all day/ work in the evening until 2AM.

Saturday: 2 hour training session at the boxing gym/afternoon run/work in the evening until 2AM.

Sunday: off day/ hike and run.

This was my very first juice cleanse, and I selected one of the 3-day variety. At cleanse time, I was (and still am) on a fairly intense training schedule, for Aprons for Gloves ( In the first few hours and days of cleansing, it’s common knowledge that one may experience lower energy as the body transitions. Since I didn’t have the option to abstain from training, my cleanse was modified slightly: I would be permitted to eat small portions of vegetables and fruit around training times, provided they were foods that would also be ingredients in the juices. (Usually during cleanses, it is recommended that individuals don’t do too much physical activity, however my circumstances were special given that skipping training was not an option.)

Each cleanse is comprised of 5 juices a day, and 1 nut milk. With the guidance of the very supportive and informative staff, cleansers can select which juices you want to build your cleanse, based on both taste preferences, and the specific benefits of each concoction. My selections were:


#1- Kale, celery, cucumber, parsley, lemon, ginger

#2- Apple, kale, celery, cucumber, lemon

#10- Bok choy, collards, romaine, cabbage, cucumber, cilantro, lime, ginger

#7- Beet, grapefruit, pineapple, lemon

#5- Apple, lemon, ginger

Cacao milk- sprouted almonds, raw cacao, maple syrup, dates, alkaline water, sea salt




You can drink your juices whenever you choose to in the day, but since I was working some very long hours, I tried to space them out accordingly. #1 or #2 was my first of the morning- a strong, nutritional green powerhouse of a drink to start things off, followed by #5. Lunch time would always be #10, and then late afternoon- whichever selection of #1/#2 wasn’t consumed earlier in the day. If I was working late, the cacao milk was my early evening selection, and then #7 to wrap things up towards the end of my shift (when snack time cravings always kick in.)


The significant things I noticed during this cleanse:


  • No hunger: I have a big appetite, I love to eat, and in all honesty, I was expecting to feel hungry at some point. Over the three days, I never felt hungry. There were moments when I wanted to grab something to eat on the go, but there were no hunger pangs or growling stomachs present whatsoever.
  • Coffee intake: On an average day, being modest, I will have up to 3 cups of coffee, and when I don’t have coffee I do feel the difference in my mood and energy levels. As per the direction of the Glory staff, I could have one cup in the morning, and then the rest of the day only herbal tea. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel the dramatic dip in energy that usually comes with reduced caffeine consumption. I didn’t crave more coffee, and I even forgot that I usually had more of it. One night at work around 11PM (the time when I’m usually polishing off my third cup), I wrote a note to myself, comprised of a simple sentence- “ I don’t miss coffee at ALL. WTF” In my life with my schedule, this is unheard of. Behold, the power of juice!


  • Training: Our boxing training is built around 2 hour sessions, which are comprised of cal sessions, intense cardio, skipping, boxing drills, sparring, and then another round of cals. I re-adjusted my schedule so that I could have 2 juices before the training session, powered through it, felt great, and still had high energy after we were finished.


When it comes to favourites, selecting one is difficult. These juices are well-balanced in nutritional content, flavor, and taste. My favourite “surprise” came from juice #10: though this is very cilantro-heavy (and people either love/hate cilantro), juiced cabbage is delicious, sweet, and almost takes over any intense flavours that come from the bok choy, collards, and romaine. I could have consumed this entire cleanse based on #5, a super refreshing juice with only 3 ingredients (apple, lemon, ginger), but a perfect trio nonetheless.

Last but not least- the infamous cacao milk, something so divine I would drink it ceremoniously in a glass of ice every night to make it last longer. This is a nut milk that not only tastes heavenly and has great benefits to the body and system, but was also recognized by at least 3 patrons at work, for being “ that AMAZING milk from Glory!” Essentially, this drink has a reputation all of its own- and it’s a very, very good one.

During, and after cleansing, I felt great. This system is built to satisfy, not deprive, and that is exactly what you will get while drinking these juices. The next cleanse is built on a 5-day schedule, and it’s definitely something I want to try later in the summer.

As vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike, we look to plants for sustenance, nutrition, and healing. Glory Juice Co. is a prime example of a local business that is harvesting the power of plants, and in doing so, has created a flavorful selection of unique, delicious, juices and milks. Paired with gracious staff and outstanding customer service, Glory is surely set for a successful, and “fruitful” future.


(Now go get the infamous AMAZING milk as soon as you can.)


Glory Juice Co

2047 McDonald Street

Glory Juice is also available in downtown Vancouver, at the Dirty Apron Cafe, and Giovane Cafe (Fairmont Pacific Rim!)


– Zoe/ @zoemarg

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