Day 1 – Reflections – Jessica & Bridget

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i feel highly irritable today. Not sure if it is because of the shitty cups of sub-par, sans cream coffee this morning, the beginning of the vegan september, or other factors in my life that are unavoidable and biological…being vegan was pretty easy today.

Jen served up lentils and grilled veggies-the beets were amazing 😉 came home and fed my cats a couple of chicken necks…they’re not vegan…we’ll discuss that later…bridget

i haven’t really noticed anything too different about being vegan yet, probably because i was pretty much a vegetarian before this.   i would have enjoyed some nice havarti in my sandwich today, but i must say it was pretty tasty.  i am fond of the Yves veggie salami, but i realize that eating fake meat is not the best thing to do since soy is one of the most over processed foods you can get.  also, Vegenaise is a nice mayo substitute.  i also missed cream in my coffee.

one thing i was surprised to find out while setting up The Vegan Project twitter account, is that there are a lot of other people out there in the vegan world, and not the usual hippie stereotypes either.

i would also like to point out that we realize that reading what other people are eating is not the most riveting thing in the world, so we will definitely keep this entertaining, and informative as well… jessica


  1. Hi Jessica,

    I’ll be following this project. I am not a vegan or even vegetarian at this point, but I am really interested in vegan cooking and baking. Infact, I am planning to have a vegan dinner party at my house some time soon…if you want to come over or be involved in the prep…it could be a great blog entry!

  2. interiorlove says:

    Hi guys, I like what you’re doing but I really do hope you have done a lot of research. I’ve flipped through a couple of your posts so far and it looks like you’re all off to a good start. As a beginner in veganism myself, I know how hard it is to cook for yourself every night and further how challenging it can be to find a good grocery store with products you actually need- like Veganaise. I really do hope you know switching milk out for soy doesn’t always mean vegan, as many soy milks contain whey which is a dairy by-product and therefore a big no-no.
    Best of luck to all of you

  3. Super interesting blog – I am just starting my own. I’m Vegan for Lent this year and so far it’s been a great transition. I’ve even already lost 5 pounds! I don’t think it will be something I continue 100% post-Lent but I have converted permanently to vegan baking. I think I will look at it as more of a diet than a lifestyle, which a few non-vegan indulgences here and there.

    • Bridget says:

      Good for you, Samantha! Let us know how everything goes and if you’d like to share any of your recipes on our blog!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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