Holiday Gift Ideas from The Vegan Project!

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This holiday season, treat your loved ones (and yourself!) to some of these vegan-friendly gifts. Whether  you purchase online from an ethically sound company, buy a special something from a talented local artisan or try your hand at hand-crafted a gift yourself, these gift ideas are sure to please. Gifts made with love are always the ones that touch our hearts the most. And you can feel good about sparing the environment from the excessive waste the holidays usually bring.

Here are our top picks for socially conscious gift ideas for the holiday season:

~Purchase our holiday eBook What to Feed That Effing Vegan: The Holiday Edition for only $7 and make a delicious meat-free holiday dinner for you and your loved ones.

~ Wacky crafts you can do at home with stuff you may already have: There are endless videos on YouTube demonstrating all the different things you can make with Duct Tape – Wallets, flowers and more! Our friend Genny ‘Kombucha’ Bourdages from Blowing up my Kitchen made all the centrepieces for her sister’s wedding using handmade duct tape flowers – now that’s crafty!  Or try your hand at a pair of homemade maxi-pad slippers like the ones at the bottom of this post. 😉

~ Adopt a Turkey for someone through Farm Sanctuary. The recipient will receive an adoption certificate with the turkey’s name and story in the mail:

~ Have you checked out ethicalDeal’s ethicalMarketPlace?  Perfect vegan-friendly gifts for moms, sisters and girlfriends!  Check out this Eminence Organics Express Facial (if you’re in Vancouver) and cruelty-free Smell This! Aromatherapy (available across North America!) – both only $15! These deals are available for a limited time only, so snatch them up quick! ethicalDeal often features vegan-friendly deals so don’t worry if you miss out this week – there will be lots more leading up to Christmas!

~Don’t have the time to make your gifts this year? Have a crafter make them for you!  Visit the Make It! Vancouver Craft fair from November 24th-27th at the Croation Cultural Centre 3250 Commercial Drive inVancouver. Tickets are only $5 at the door and you can print this flyer to receive $2 off.

As for wrapping all these super awesome gifts to stash under the tree till the big day…get creative! Brown paper bags decorated with silly drawings, old newspaper, or why not make one of these stylish Me + You  reusable bags part of the gift?

Whatever you come up with, have fun with it. A rip-roaring, belly-aching laugh is the best present EVER!

~The Vegan Project











  1. How did you make the pad thing??

    • Sorry Beatriz, we didn’t make the pad slippers. We found the image on the web and thought it was so funny we had to share!

      It looks like two pads, one as the sole and the other wrapped around the toe area. The decorate as you like 😉

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