Jesse & Janine Day 5…”Are we done yet?”

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Saturday.  A day we sleep in and relax and do as we please.  I get up to walk the dog and prepare a giant feast for breakfast – a pear/banana/nectarine smoothy, hashbrowns, tofu scramble with mushrooms, onions, jalapeños, and tofu breakfast sausages, and toast with vegan butter.

Jesse wakes up and declares, “I’M DONE WITH THIS VEGAN $ #!% !!!”  “THROW MY BREAKFAST IN THE GARBAGE!”

I urge him that we only have 3 more days to go, let’s finish it…. Besides I just spent the better part of an hour figuring out how to make tofu taste and feel like scrabbled eggs and making the rest of this bloody breakfast! (no pun intended)

He complains that he’s hungry all the time.  I can relate.  Not the sense of being hungry, but just not that satisfied feeling when you’re finished eating.  That sense of, “Mmm yes, I have just consumed something delicious and I feel full.”  Now its more like, “my stomach understands that it contains nutrient with which to process and provide energy for the rest of my body’s operating systems.”  It’s a noticeably bi
g difference.

Somehow I convince him to eat my breakfast which he enjoys immensely and I enjoy the compliments much more than the food itself.  Something is different this time.  That sense of satisfaction and ‘fullness’ has returned.  We both feel it while enjoying our breakfast.  Maybe we had finally adjusted to this new diet, or maybe it was just the large amounts of fat I introduced into the meal to make it tastier than usual.  Either way, something was different about this meal.

I left to go run my errands and didn’t get hungry again for another 4 hours.  Incredible.  After this monumentous change it is so utterly disappointing what happened next….










I’m not sure who’s idea it was originally but all signs point to Jesse, but we got it in our minds that we couldn’t live without sushi for dinner.  Jesse had had enough and I was not able to resist the temptation of cold sashimi with burning wasabi and the tiny explosion of fish-liciousness of fish roe popping in your mouth.  I wanted this sin to be worthwhile so I looked up reveiws online for the best sushi money could buy in our neighbourhood and went out to get it.  When I arrived home with my Styrofoam prize pack of shame, I wanted to make the experience last so I prepared a homemade miso soup and some edamame so we could have some vegan elements to mask our lies.

I first popped a chopped scallop roll in my mouth.  Hmm, its ok.  The salmon (I paid extra for the wild stuff) tasted like it had been frozen and thawed more than once and the tuna wasn’t as good as I remember.  The California roll (of course with real crab) was nothing much either.  What had happened?  Why was this sushi not tasting like the best thing in the world?  The lust factor of breaking the rules alone should have made it incredible, let alone being deprived of it.  I was confused…

Had we somehow magically turned vegan for good?  The beloved meat we missed so dearly was actually just a good tasting exaggeration?  I couldn’t figure it out.  Needless to say, we resumed with the diet after our little indiscretion.The highlight of Sunday was a butternut squash mac and cheese casserole with a friend’s apple and kale side dish.


  1. You guys rule!
    Way to get back on the tofu horse.

    Have you been to Organic Lives?
    All raw vegan stuff, get a slice of chocolate cake.
    Its down at 1829 Quebec Street (just off 2nd ave)

  2. in my defense i was seriously hung over. mostly Bridgette’s fault.

    and yes we live right by organic lives and the almonds are unreal.

  3. “Styrofoam prize pack of shame”. That is classic.

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