Las Vegetarianas Estrictas en Mexico!

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So we made it back from Mexico in one piece….barely.  Our trip to San Jose Del Cabo included sopas, organic farms, karaoke, LOTS of dancing, tequila and the smoking of Cohibas.  In this post we will focus on the food side of things well…because the rest stays in Cabo.

Mexican cuisine is known to be vegetarian-friendly, and with a few minor adjustments (minus the queso and the crema) you have yourself a balanced, and tasty meal.  Mexican rice, corn tortillas, salsa, guacamole – all vegan-friendly.  The only hiccup we came across was with the beans: Be sure to ask whether there is ‘carne’ (meat) or more specifically ‘tocino’ (bacon) used during the cooking process. Even when you say that you are ‘vegetariana estricta’, the meaty beans can be overlooked by waitstaff.  Tortilla soup is another mexican favourite that we only came across a couple of times, being sure to ask whether it was made with ‘caldo de pollo’ (chicken stock).

Our first morning after a karoake-filled Friday night including Love Shack, Livin’ on a Prayer and Jessica’s all star performance of the Cha Cha Slide, we piled into a beat up Subaru and headed out to the Saturday Farmer’s Market.  We were surprised at how similar it was to the Saturday market on Salt Spring Island. There were of course a few differences…We dined on Sopes de Nopales, which are hand made thick corn tortillas with pinched sides, topped with refried black beans, cactus salsa, fresh lettuce and pickled red onion.

We also came across a woman selling wheat grass shots – hand pressed!

The next day, we spent a gorgeous afternoon on the rooftop of Villa Valentina, sipping on mango margaritas, bloody marys, glasses of sauvignon blanc…

Admiring the panoramic view of the Sea of Cortez….

A few sheets to the wind, we decided to walk into downtown San Jose (folks were very surprised that we had trekked all that way) and began drinking these….

SANGRITAS: a mixture of tomato juice, orange juice, touch of lime and hot sauce, and a popular chaser for your tequila shot.

This winning combination soared into first place as drink of choice throughout the rest of the trip…

Mid-vacation we were in desperate need of nutrient-rich vegetables to soothe our aching livers, so we joined a new friend, Jason, on a trip to Flora Farms. This is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of San Jose and a must-see if you’re ever in the area.  Flora Farms is ‘a ten-acre organic farm in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains’, a lush oasis amidst an arid landscape…It was exactly what we were looking for.

We helped ourselves generously to their all-you-can-eat organic salad bar, while we sat at a picnic table on the grass with rescued dogs at our feet.  They all had names and bios on our place mats and have sought refuge at Flora Farms, from all across North America. Organic veggies AND rescued dogs?  Basically, we were in heaven.

We had to bring some of their produce back to the timeshare with us…

But not until we strolled around the picturesque grounds…

We returned from Mexico sun (and tequila) drenched, and encountered vegetarian-friendly cuisine everywhere we turned.  Some of us were glad to see the rice and beans put to rest for awhile, some of us are still trying to scrub the henna from our bodies, and one of us is just now recovering from an injured metatarsal. Nonetheless, our adventures are still being recounted animatedly, and I have a feeling we’ll be back for more.

Te amamos México!

~The Vegan Project



  1. Just one note. It’s Sope de Nopales. Sope is the name of the tortilla and Nopales refers to the cactus salsa. This cacti is the same one you get prickly pears from. Glad you liked San Jose, next time you are around here, you should go to Cinthya’s it’s behind the Mega.

    • Thanks for the correction, Bernardo! Fixed it 🙂 We did enjoy our time there, A LOT and will try Cynthia’s next time around!

  2. Katherine says:

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