Linda’s reflections-3 weeks vegan!

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It’s 3 weeks and I’m still eating a vegan diet with only one serving of meat on November 6th. I did not enjoy it and went immediately back to a strictly vegan way of eating. Jackie and I have enjoyed finding and cooking many new recipes and are still doing well. Jackie is eating much less meat but is back to a few animal products.

I’m working on a special project at work that requires us to work 12 hour days. My employer is buying dinner for about 12 of us each evening. I had vegan pasta the first night, but have been bringing my own food since then so I don’t have to impose my restrictions on the rest of the group. As my colleagues look over my shoulder at my wonderful, fresh, crunchy spinach salads and quinoa with beans and corn stuffed in a whole grain pita they all remark on how good everything looks. I just tell them that a vegan diet does not have to be boring. I think they all had the impression that vegan food was lettuce and little else.

I still feel very good and don’t miss meat at all. My work group ordered in a massive amount of Chinese food the other evening and I was not enticed at all. Even though some of my old favourites were on the table (wonton soup and garlic ribs).

Thank you again to the Vegan Project for introducing me to a new way of living and all the support you have given me since.



  1. Hi Linda & Bridgit, just wanted to say thanks for all your tips. I made myself a red quinoa soup the other day, me and my daughter gobbled it up, it was good! Me and Alexis don’t mind soy milk, not sure about tofu.. other than those tofu puddings.. bought cheese & broccoli nuggets yesterday, my daughter likes those.. not sure if vegan with the cheese, have to check the label.. Just got to keep eating those spinach salads.. i’ve always eaten spinach for the most’s a great choice for protein..throw some nuts & cranberries on top, now that’s HEALTHY. ok, that’s it for now folks. i’ll keep you updated.. not sure yet if I’ll go all out vegan, going to take it a day at a time.

  2. i’m wondering, did you lose much weight with this experiment? i found that when i went vegan overnight i lost about 25 pounds.. in maybe a month and a half? stickly by changing my diet… and by not eating unless i was actually seriously hungry. it was more of a way to train my body. it was the best choice i had ever made, besides keeping my baby!

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