Look! It’s an ‘Amaze Bowl’

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You know how trendy little catchphrases that go viral over social media like  ‘just sayin’, and ‘true story’ can get super irritating once everyone and their middle aged co-workers start parroting them?

Well, as much as I try to avoid them in my daily speak, one of the little bugs instantly popped into my head when I was making lunch today. But instead of thinking my quick creation was ‘amazeballs‘, I thought ‘Wow, this is an Amaze Bowl‘.

Super cheesy, yup.

And as much as we don’t want a million different variations of the rice bowl on The Vegan Project, it’s such a go-to for me that I just have to share.

Plus, this particular version really is … amazing.

Granted, amazing to me and amazing to you may be totally different.

Lately, in addition to the foul, sludgy Chinese herb water I’m drinking daily by order of my DTCM Dr. Kelly Cmolik, I’ve been eating a very simple, anti inflammatory diet to help with my eczema.

I try to keep brown rice, quinoa and lots of veggies on hand in the fridge at all times. It’s not forever, but while I’m doing it I’m trying to make it as yummy as possible. One thing I’m supposed to stay away from is too much raw food, so my daily salad has been replaced by a lunch of simple steamed veggies, often rice, and other ingredients that are likely to make you yawn.

So what’s amazing about The Amaze Bowl? Well it’s a glorious colour, packed with minerals and nutrients, and it tasted exquisite, especially after chugging my Chinese sludge water.


1/2 cup steamed brown rice

1 large broccoli crown, chopped

2 baby beets, scrubbed clean and chopped (I don’t skin them, there’s lots of minerals on the skin)

1 tbsp hemp hearts

1-2 tbsp olive oil

Pinch of Celtic sea salt

1/2 tsp gluten free tamari

Pinch of chipotle or smoked paprika


Boil about an inch of water in the bottom of a medium pot. Grab a stainless steel strainer or vegetable steamer, the little silver contraption that unfolds to adjust to different pot sizes.

Scrub and chop your beets first, and toss them in the steamer to cook first, lid on. As you prep your broccoli, the chopped beets will be cooking faster than if they were whole because of their size. Let the beets cook for five minutes or so on their own, then add the broccoli. I only like to steam it for two to three minutes to attempt to retain some of the enzymes and keep from mushiness. With about a minute left to go, throw about half a cup of fridge rice or quinoa in to warm and soften.

On top of all the veggies, the rice shouldn’t fall through the holes of your strainer.

Once your grain of choice is warmed, serve the contents of the steamer into a bowl, mix with oils and seasonings, add your hemp hearts and munch away.

Simple food can be so good! Just sayi..oops.

~ The Vegan Project




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