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If you are a busy, active vegan like me I am sure this sounds familiar. It’s late, you need to make dinner, but your pantry is running low. The thought of heading to the grocery store for the 5:30pm rush and endless line ups are daunting to say the least. Suddenly, getting take out or going to a restaurant seems like a much more attractive option.

But before you blow your budget on expensive take out, imagine this: You arrive home to find a bundle of fresh, organic produce and a variety of other yummy vegan items sitting on your doorstep. All you need to do is take your items inside, and begin to cook a healthy, organic, vegan meal.

This is the reality of organic home delivery. I have tried out two services, both of which are excellent.

Green Earth Organics

This is a lovely local company. They offer a wide variety of organic products, at prices that are comparable to Choices or Whole Foods. You simply create a user account, log in, and start shopping.

Each geographical region has a specific delivery day, and your order needs to be placed by 9am the day before your delivery. You can pay via credit card or direct debit (just leave a void cheque) for the delivery driver.

If you purchase items regularly, you can add them to your standing order and receive a 5% discount. There is a minimum order amount, and if you order enough you do not have to pay for delivery.

As a vegan, I loved that I could purchase beautiful organic produce with the click of a mouse. All the produce I received was top notch, and of the highest quality. The staff were very helpful and prompt, and even offered to bring in special items for me.

The only challenging aspect of it was that they didn’t carry all of the items that I consume on a regular basis as a vegan (ie. Daiya, Silk Coffee creamer etc.) so I still needed to go to the grocery store once a week. Also, searching for vegan items on the system required that I type ‘vegan’ in the search field. I wasn’t sure if all the vegan products were being pulled up using this wildcard search method, as it seemed to only pull up products which had the word ‘vegan’ in the product description.

Overall, I was very happy with the excellent customer service and beautiful produce from this business.

The modus operandi for this company is to reduce the carbon footprint that traditional grocery shopping entails. There is a firm emphasis on local, organic food, and they have a staggering variety of products. They had all the products that I normally have to drive to Choices to get, such as Daiya, Silk, etc.

They are very similar to Green Earth Organics with respect to:

  • One delivery day per geographic region
  • Payment options
  • Online account set up
  • Order deadlines
  • 5% discount for standing order items

What sets apart for me, is that you can search for items according to diet type. They have search parameters set up for vegans, and also for:

  • Gluten free
  • Wheat free
  • Yeast free
  • Kosher

I love that all the leg work has already been done for me. I can sit on my couch watching television, and browse all the awesome organic, vegan products they have available

They also give you the eco-stats with every order you make, such as the distance driven for your food to arrive at your door, and the reduction in emissions resulting from you using their service.

Overall Impression

I loved the luxury of coming home and having the shopping done for me. I didn’t have to waste an extra hour or so driving to the store, shopping, and driving home.

I also found that since I could shop online, I didn’t fall prey to last minute impulse buys. I could view my grocery bill prior to completing my order, and if I was in excess of my budget I could simply unselect the indulgent items. This is a big bonus for me, because I am usually too embarrassed to put items back at the grocery store if my bill comes to more than I expected.

I did find that I had to make one small trip to the store for highly perishable items like bread or fresh produce, so this service didn’t completely eliminate the need for me to shop. But I did find that my purchases were more specific and directed when I was at the store, because I had already spent money on my grocery delivery and didn’t want to go over budget ($100 per week for food and toiletries).

You do pay a slight price premium for home grocery delivery, but if you factor in the cost of your gas driving to and from the store, the cost of your time spent grocery shopping, and the elimination of impulse purchases, then the service is very worthwhile and costs effective.

If you love multitasking like I do, then you’ll love either Green Earth Organics or . In the time it took me to write this article, I’ve already done my grocery shopping for the week and watched an episode of Top Chef. And I’ve never even left the couch.

Courtesy of Contributor Jenny Duffy

~The Vegan Project




  1. Thank you for the great review of Green Earth Organics Vancouver and for the suggestions! I’ll add more categorizing by gluten-free, vegan, etc., to my website wishlist.

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