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The Vegan Project was recently invited to Eternal Abundance to enjoy their beautiful menu offerings. We were certainly pleasantly pleased. Eternal Abundance is one of the original Vegan/Raw Restaurants in Vancouver located at 1025 Commercial Drive in the heart of East Vancouver!

A few notes from Alex, Owner of Eternal Abundance!

“About the Cafe:

Everything is served at EA with customers health and enjoyment in mind, as well as kindness to animals (ie. not sacrificing them) and the Earth. EA serves juices and smoothies, epic salads, soups, lots of desserts (our favourite course), and many raw dishes. Every dish in the cafe is organic, vegan and gluten free,

and prepared in small batches in-house.
EA is also partial grocery store with fresh organic produce, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices,

superfoods, grains and legumes, etc., in other words pretty much everything you need for a wholesome vegan diet! EA hosts occasional cooking classes, documentary nights, and health talks.

* We buy from local farms as much as possible!
We’re zero waste and have little to no food waste because
the cafe keeps the
fresh produce moving.
*We also have extensive composting and
recycling and produce very little garbage!
*We have an online store for all our dried goods! “


Turmeric latte: Turmeric and spices (cinnamon, cardamon, ginger and fenugreek)

with cashew milk and maple syrup

Hot Chocolate Chaga: Melted cacao paste and coconut butter into immune-boosting chaga tea,

then blend with maca, cinnamon, shilajit, and maple syrup and dates. Decadent, earthy, and not too sweet

Green Power juice: Kale, celery, apple, ginger, lemon. Pressed to order!

Food: Everything we enjoyed at EA was RAW except for the Soup!

Miso walnut roll: A smoky walnut-sunflower pate with avocado, carrot, pepper, cucumber, sprouts

Kale Caesar: Kale and romaine tossed in a creamy hemp-sunflower dressing,

topped with housemade almond ‘raw’tons

 Curry burger: A veggie+nut spiced patty topped with raisin chutney, shredded carrots, peppers, sprouts

Alex’s Special salad: Warm rice softens up kale and enhances the Miso Ginger dressing in this popular salad including nori seaweed, shredded carrots and red onion

Curry Squash soup: Squash and veggies sauteed with coconut milk and curry spices.


Turtle: The caramel is made from dates, sprouted almond butter, coconut oil and maple syrup,

topped with a pecan, then dipped in raw chocolate .

*MOST POPULAR* Key Lime Pie: With cashew cream drizzle:

A coconut-pumpkin seed crust, a layer of avocado lime topped by a cashew vanilla cream.

GLOW Ball: Sugar-free truffle (stevia-sweetened)




Zoe: The hot chocolate was perfect. Getting the balance of the classic creamy texture and the perfect sweetness doesn’t always happen. This one did, and the unique flavour components kicked it up an extra notch. My all time favourites will always be green juice anything, so the green shot will have my vote for #1: refreshing, nutrient dense, and a beautiful colour to boot.

Rhiannon: My favourite was the Chaga Hot Chocolate, it was so tasty and frothy

and I LOVE the benefits of Chaga.


Curry Squash Soup

Rhiannon: I am a sucker for warm food in our damp chilly climate, and this really hits the spot,

It isn’t too spicy, nice and creamy!


Zoe: Second favourite to the caesar are these rolls, and one of my favourites to order. The ingredients are perfectly matched to one another inside, and the flavours are beautiful. One makes a perfect snack, but a meal could easily be comprised of 2. The savory miso paste inside is divine. 

Bridget: I was a huge fan of the Miso-Walnut Roll (get in my belly!) 

Rhiannon: I have a sensitivity to Rice, so this is such a nice option for sushi. Very tasty and light.


Vegan Caesar

Zoe: Once in a while, the dishes come along that could definitely fool a non-vegan. This is one of them. All of the flavours and textures of a caesar salad are there. The balance of leaves to sauce is perfect. You don’t find yourself swimming in a bowl of salad dressing, and everything id distributed evenly throughout. 

Bridget: The legendary Vegan Caesar with those crunchy almond-based ‘rawtons’ was a crowd favourite.

Rhiannon: I always thought that my secret Caesar dressing was the best ever until I tried EA’s! It is really hearty, it really is a meal in itself and also makes a lovely side to the soup!

Raw Burger 

 Zoe:I believe one of the misconceptions of raw food is that it’s not filling. Enter the raw burger.

Not only is it an ‘adventure’ to eat, you could actually eat one to yourself and be satisfied.

A hearty, savory patty sets the tone, and while it may not be a throw to the classic (vegan) cheeseburger,

this is satisfying, a good portion size, and very well seasoned. 

Rhiannon: I LOVE  that they wrap the burger with chard instead of bread!

Alex’s Special Bowl

Bridget: It has everything you want in a bowl!

Rhiannon: This is a creative, delicious well rounded bowl. Don’t let the veggies fool ya, its filling!


Key Lime Pie

 Zoe: Vegan cheesecake has my heart to begin with and this follows suit. I grew up eating classic

Philadelphia cream cheese baking, and this reminds me of that (minus the problematic health,

environmental and animal considerations. The texture was thick, and held up through the entire dish

(which isn’t always the case with some raw desserts.) 

Bridget:When it comes to dessert, if you’re not down with raw vegan treats, you’re not living.

The Key Lime Pie is so good, I promise you will not even think about dairy while you’re licking the plate clean.

Rhiannon: So. GOOD!


Bridget: Should you also order the Turtle? YES.

Rhiannon: I’m obsessed. I’m not a huge sweet-tooth, but these really hit the spot!

Very nostalgic to my childhood days, but these are guilt-free!

GLOW Balls

Rhiannon: I love that these are sold at EA, they are made by an amazing woman named Julie right in East Vancouver, they are sugar-free, raw and DELIGHTFUL! Be careful, they’re addictive.


Bridget Says

“Eternal Abundance has been around for a long time and is one of the pioneers of the raw/vegan movement in Vancouver. My first year of being vegan, I lived off The Drive and Eternal Abundance was one of the first vegan meals I had. It was also my first experience with Zoodles! So needless to say, EA has a special place in my vegan heart. In recent years, they have really stepped up their spice/dry goods game and have arguably the best quality produce in the city. Favourites goods are: sun dried black olives, organic Sea-Veg blend and true cinnamon sticks.”

Rhiannon Says

Thank you Alex and team for having us. Also, as a business owner, I know how much energy, time and emotion goes into running a business. That being said, I’d like to THANK YOU for being so hard working and being such a fixture in the Community and making “The Vegan Life” that much easier, more accessible and delightful!

Eternal Abundance

1025 Commercial Drive

Vancouver, BC

(604) 707-0088

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