Patch Planters: A User-Friendly Urban Agriculture Solution

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Patch Planters are an easy and fun way to grow fresh herbs in your home all year long with a winning self watering container system.  All products are designed and produced in Vancouver, flat packed and shipped with a light carbon footprint, and use post-consumer materials whenever possible. The planters come in Classic White, Icon Jumble or Grey Ombre patterns, and are currently growing mint, because of its ability to adapt to less sunlight in the winter months.  If you have more sun in your area,  you can plant whatever herbs or veggies you like.

And, as an added bonus, proceeds from the sale of each planter go to support community based volunteer organizations like Growing Chefs, which helps get kids excited about good, healthy food.

Use this promo code: LOVETHYNEIGHBOUR,  to get 25% off your next purchase!

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Enjoy your Patch Planter!

~The Vegan Project

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