Please help Derick the Dog pay his vet bills!

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Derick the Dog suffered a very serious injury to his left paw during a routine trip to Home Sense with his auntie Bridget, while his mom was on vacation. To be brief, his toes got caught in the top feed of the escalator and were broken off.

He was rushed to the animal hospital, bandaged up and awaited surgery. His spirits remained high, and paws were crossed that he’d make a full recovery. Because of the severity of the injury and the petite nature of his paw, a special surgeon at Canada West Veterinary was needed.

His surgery was a success! The two toes were removed and there was enough skin to cover the wound completely. He will be able to put weight on his left foot within 3 weeks, and should be skipping around the doggy park in no time!

Everyone in Derick’s world is very relieved. They are working hard to repay his costly vet bills which totalled $3730, but could use your help!

If you or anyone in your circle could spare a few bucks to help, it would be greatly appreciated. Anything over what Derick needs will be donated to help others pay for their loved ones through either the Vancouver Humane Society or the BCSPCA. Too many of our furry friends end up in shelters or abandoned because the expense is too much to bear.

Let’s help!

Many thanks from Derick, his family and friends

~The Vegan Project


  1. in2insight says:

    How is Derick doing?
    Please give us an update on his well being and donations?

    • Bridget says:

      He’s doing so well! He had his cast removed and is starting to use his leg again. Almost 100%! Thank you for asking 🙂

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