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T’is the season for new goals, new intentions, an upsurge in gym memberships, and juice cleanses a-plenty. The New Year typically begins with a swell in personal health and wellness goals. Not only do we collectively support these, we decided it was time to state some of our own.Multiple studies show that when we have a goal or intention (of any size), stating it (verbally or writing it down), and letting other people know about it, help you move towards a more probable and longterm completion of said goal. We don’t regard ourselves as a perfect entity or resource. We are constantly growing, evolving, and always open to learning more, sharing more, and collectively creating a better situation for animal welfare, human health, the environment, and ourselves.

On those NYE notes, we present: The Vegan Project Team Resolutions, 2016 edition:

|| Bridget ||

#1 – Make travel more of a priority and see somewhere brand new this year. I did a lot of travelling when I was younger and have let it fall off a bit over the last few years. Seeing the world and taking in new adventures is something that’s really important to me, and I learn something new every time. I have this resolution already underway with a trip booked to Costa Rica in February!

#2 – Experiment in the kitchen and blog more. Making vegan food and coming up with delicious new recipes is my happy place and I want to make more time for it. I love sharing recipes and tips with all our readers and want to provide more consistent support for a vegan 2016!

#3 – Rely less on faux meat products. I have major love for gardein and field roast (and I’m not saying that i’ll cut them out!), just use them a little more sparingly and look to whole food protein sources more often.


|| Zoe ||

#1- Shift over to 100% cruelty-free and (preferably) local, natural beauty products and cleaners. This has been on my radar for a while. Most of the ones I use are in the clear, but I have some favourites that are “mysterious”. This is one of the most harmful sub-branches of the animal-welfare conversations, and there are more than enough options and businesses to support.

#1b- On that note: continue the quest (and find a winner) for a natural, cruelty-free, deodorant that actually works. We’re talking a product that can stand through boxing training, Bikram’s classes, and hikes. This will be photographed, documented, and followed up on until the winner is declared.

#2- I love the way I feel when I eat primarily raw, if not all. I would like to commit to incorporating more raw dishes into my lifestyle, and creating new ones for The VP as well.

#3- Goodbye white sugar. We’ve had a few years together, but you’re not necessary in my life anymore. I’ve found satisfaction in my new relationships with maple syrup and coconut sugar. Good riddance.



#1- My first a foremost biggest resolution I have been talking about accomplishing for Years, is committing to a primarily Raw Foodist lifestyle. Anytime I cut rice(I ADORE ethnic foods which always contain rice), cooked foods and fried foods out of my diet I feel like a million bucks, and I’m coming to a point in my life where I want to feel like that a majority of the time. I am aiming for a 70/30 commitment.

#2- One of my biggest passions is speaking out for Animals, our Health and the Planet. In this fresh New Year, I am going to become more involved in Volunteering for an animal rescue centre(s), compiling more useful & inspiring information in upcoming blog posts(look forward to Cruelty Free Beauty Products post!) and working towards a more loving positive way to educate people on Veganism.

#3- “Photography” is my big Education Goal of 2016. I vow to take some sort of Photography training in the early New Year and continue growing with my photography skills. On the side of photography, more Art. Painting, sketching, crafting… These are the things that feed my Soul!

Wishing you a beautiful 2016 full of compassion, health, and peace for you, us, and all creatures big and small.

Much love-

Zoe c/o

The Vegan Project





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