Review: Shizenya Japanese Restaurant

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Shizenya has to be the most delicious and healthy, organic sushi restaurant I’ve experienced, to date. My friend Ian Ross (who might know from the hit, Whistler-based reality tv show, Peak Season), is a regular at Shizenya.  He noticed all the veggie options on the menu and thought of me – aw!

Above: Brown Rice Vegetable Roll – Organic greens, avocado, carrots, red pepper, cucumber and brown rice, $3.95.

Above: Quinoa Inari – a sweet tofu skin pocket, stuffed with quinoa, $1.95.

Highlights include: Organic brown rice, organic greens, and no additives or MSG. Their Tofu and Vegetable Miso soup can be made vegetarian (upon request), the Quinoa Inari is a must-try (yes, quinoa!) and the Shizenya Greens Roll is perfect for those not wanting to fill up on rice.  The Tofu and Avocado Salad below, drizzled with black sesame sauce is out of this world, AND only $4.95!

Shizenya has two locations for you to choose from: Hornby Street, downtown Vancouver, and 1102 West Broadway. They offer an exceptional variety of vegetarian sushi, at very reasonable prices, and they have the good ginger, aka not fluorescent pink.  And for your friends that are still on the sashimi train, they are also Ocean Wise certified.



985 Hornby Street, Vancouver

(604) 568-0013


~The Vegan Project



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