Review: Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

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We’ve had our eye on the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box for a while now. Cruelty-free beauty is very important to us, and it can difficult sometimes to source out vegan beauty products for every step of your beauty regime. Hair, make-up, face/body products, and even perfume has the potential to either perform animal testing or have animal ingredients hidden within them.

The August Beauty Box was curated by Jen Mathews otherwise known as The Chief Bunny over at It contained 5 items that were hand picked by Jen, to complement the last few weeks of summer. We divided the items among the team (Bridget, Zoe and Colin) and here’s what everyone thought:

#1 – Zabana Facial Cleansing Bar: Bridget took this one and liked it very much, however the portion being very small, and soap being you know, soap, she only got one use out of it before it melted away down the drain.

#2 – Balanced Guru Energy Mist ‘Fearless’: Also snatched up by Bridget. She loves the scent very much, and sprays it on her wrists daily, followed by a deep inhalation. Is she feeling balanced, and fearless? She notes that she has been feeling like a badass lately, kickin’ ass an takin’ names on a lot of fronts, and is willing to attribute this to her new energy mist.

#3 – Pacific BB Cream: Zoe took this one because she wanted to steer clear of any face washes/perfumes due to her sensitive skin. Surprisingly this BB Cream did not make her skin react while providing sheer coverage all day.

#4 – Emani Mineral Hybrid Cream: Zoe and Bridget had to fight for this! In the end, Zoe’s mad boxing skills took the win. Her favourite thing about this mineral shimmer was that a little went a LONG way.

#5 – Enfusia Muscle Soak: We originally saved this one for Collin to test out (we thought it would nice after one of his long cycle rides) however he doesn’t have a bathtub, and neither do Bridget or Zoe! Can you believe that not one of of us has a tub? Urban dwelling at it’s finest. So we have to test this baby out, but will update as soon as we do.

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~The Vegan Project

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