Sabrina ‘Vegan’ Modder – Day 1

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So there were a few things I was nervous about in beginning this challenge today. But mostly, I was totally unprepared. I had wanted to begin on a Monday, so that I could use the previous weekend as a vegan-groceries-shopping-adventure. Well, my weekend was utilized doing other things; Monday came, work was busy, and I found myself unable to sneak out to grab any food. But I had to start today. I just wanted to.

So breakfast began with oatmeal. No big deal. I’m usually not even awake for breakfast… or I have a latte. But I’d bought oatmeal about a week ago, and was enjoying the nostalgia of it. Simple oats, flax and some other grain – I forget. But I like it.

Then 1pm rolled around, and I was getting hungry for lunch. Now, lunch is my favorite meal… next to dinner, that is. I like them both, because they can be big, and yummy and usually consisting of some effort and variety. My pantry, fridge and anywhere else food might hide were barren. There was an avocado, some cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, half a red onion, cheddar cheese, some bread and condiments and not much else. I like things to be complicated, and that includes my food. But these bare essentials had me feeling primal, and I made an avocado and dijon mustard sandwich. Toasted. I had it with a side of carrot sticks, and as a matter of fact, it was delightful! Something about the richness of the avocado and the tangy bite of the dijon, and it was absolutely perfect.

Around 3pm, my friend Mike came for a visit. He’d just stopped at the best little sausage factory in town – down the street from my place – and brought the world’s best pepperoni sticks over. I watched him eat them… But in the instant he finished them up, I’d grabbed some mixed nuts to satiate my salt craving. All good…

I worked for a couple more hours, then dinner time rolled around. Again, my food supply was looking pretty desperate. But I did have those cherry tomatoes and a can of chickpeas in the cupboard. I love curries, and make my own roasted masala’s all the time. So I chopped up some onion (I didn’t have any garlic), red chillies, ginger, and mint leaves; fried them up with some tomato paste and a couple tablespoons of curry powder. Threw in a can of rinsed chickpeas and about 2 cups of halved cherry tomatoes; salt and pepper. Fried it up, simmered it down. Served with Basmati. Pretty damn good.

I had a major craving for chocolate, and have some really good chocolate in my pantry. But I left it untouched, and drank more tea…

*Courtesy of Sabrina Modder at String Creative

~The Vegan Project

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