Sabrina ‘Vegan’ Modder – Day 2

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Oatmeal for breakfast again. Then munched on leftover chickpea curry at lunchtime to fuel up for a big shopping trip!

Okay, so time to get serious. I strapped on my backpack and headed to Kin’s Market; spent about $30 on veggies, so that’s a great beginning. I picked up some REALLY yummy bread from Cobb’s – spate bread or something? Then a couple treats; a fit bar and a yummy almond and apple scroll… the girly advised me it was all vegan friendly! Dropped the goods off at home, and headed to Drive Organics to buy some Daiya Vegan Cheese, bulk beans and some artichoke hearts; a bunch of collard greens and a half head of red cabbage. This bill was like $44. Not cool, but still cheaper than buying a bunch of meat and cheese and eggs and milk…

On my bus ride home, I was already getting hungry and fantasizing about that weirdo-but-perfect sandwich I had yesterday. An avocado and dijon sandwich, on my new bread with a sprinkle of ‘cheese’ and some cucumber slices this time. Toasted of course. And I don’t know what to say, but it really is just really good.

But nothing, NOTHING, could have prepared me for the magnificence of the dinner I was about to prepare and devour. Up on website is a wonderful recipe for Creamy Lemony Pasta. Instead of cream or cheese, this recipe claimed to taste good using a creamy blend of cashews, water and lotsa’ lemon flavor. YEAH RIGHT. But I did as I was told, combined the lemony yum (zesting made my kitchen smell divine), with blended cashews in the food processor, seasoned to taste… okay, pretty effin’ good sauce. Fried up some garlic and sliced leek with a couple thai red chillies, then added about 3 cups of chopped spinach until wilted. Added cooked spaghetti and cashew-cream sauce. Served it up in a big bowl, poured myself a glass of OJ, sat down, and braced myself. I took a bite, and I fell in LOVE.

So far, being vegan ain’t bad at all.

*Courtesy of Sabrina Modder at String Creative

~The Vegan Project

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