Sabrina ‘Vegan’ Modder – Days 3 & 4

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Today I remembered to start my morning with a glass of warm lemon water to cleanse my guts. For breakfast I ate my breakfast of oatmeal, this time with some raspberries and brown sugar. I had some leftover creamy lemon pasta for lunch; and then came dinner time…

No problem! I made some chili-non-carne loosely using this recipe as a guide. I modified slightly using a large can of tomato sauce rather than stock, and added some cubed carrots and canned chipotle peppers. I didn’t want to use the fake meat, for a few reasons. But one big and important reason is that it contains soy, which is high in estrogen, and being the ass-kicker of a hormone-dependent breast cancer, I need to avoid frivolous doses of soy. I did make some Daiya Cheese toast, and slopped the chili on top of it. Very yummy. Seriously, this vegan thing is no sweat so far…

…that is, until I went to the Biltmore to catch a show – Freelance Whales, not bad. But I ended up drinking too much red wine and too much dark beer. Day 4 equals a headache.


Late riser this morning, and no breakfast. I finished off that lemon pasta for lunch, followed by another avocado dijon sandwich. I then went to bed for 3 hours. I ate some chili for dinner – it’s even better today – and munched on half of my apple walnut sticky from Cobbs. Tomorrow I’ll have to jack up on greens and some more colours. For now, I’m going to go draw and then get to bed. Goodnight!

*Courtesy of Sabrina Modder at String Creative

~The Vegan Project

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