Slickety Jim’s Chat ‘n’ Chew – Vegan Breakfast in Vancouver

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As breakfast connoisseurs, we at The Vegan Project have determined that there are several factors that make for an enjoyable brunch experience.

1.) Booth seating

2.) A matriarch

3.) Soy creamer for our coffee (the GOOD kind, not the watery kind)

4.) A wicked tofu scramble (with other vegan options available)

5.) Awesome fried potatoes

Having been fans of Slickety Jim’s Chat ‘n’ Chew when it was at its old location (which sadly burnt to the ground), we were ecstatic to discover that it had reopened again in a new spot on Main Street. Rainy Sunday came around and we decided to combine a little Main Street shopping with a delicious brunch (because we love to impregnate ourselves with food babies before trying on dresses.) The new location has just as much character as the old spot, with kitschy art and paraphernalia hanging on the walls. This new location, however, is much larger, with an entire additional section in the back, and apparently they now serve dinner, too.

Based on the above criteria, here is our evaluation of our experience.

Booth seating – CHECK. Even for just two diners!

Matriarch – CHECK. We noticed that this is a common thread among some of our favourite breakfast spots, so it must be a good thing. Who doesn’t love coming to a cozy brunch spot where your mom makes you some home cooked goodness and calls everyone pet names like ‘sweat pea’ and ‘darlin’? Slickety’s matriarch was buzzing around the place, flirting with the lone male brunchers at the bar while slinging Caesars for folks waiting in line for a table.

Soy creamer – CHECK, but unfortunately not the good kind. We were baffled at the fact that many restaurants who do carry soy creamer do not carry the good kind. There is no excuse for this. Pro tip: Get Silk brand soy creamer. It’s the creamiest! If you’re going to use the other soy creamers, you might as well save your money and just give vegans water to add to their coffees.

A wicked tofu scramble – DOUBLE CHECK. In fact, the best I’ve had in Vancouver so far. The tofu was fried to crumbly, seasoned perfection and was not flavoured with the typical curry flavour most scrambles are known for, but sesame oil, chilies and sesame seeds. DELISH!

Awesome fried potatoes – not awesome, but not terrible. They had the boiled potato consistency, and we definitely prefer fried and crispy, and the seasoning was pretty subtle. Had to add some hot sauce for sure. Tip: be sure to specify you want dry toast because if not, they will put butter on it.

Bonus – they had the good kind of hot sauce! Asian style with garlic. Yum.

Bridget, unfortunately, had a less enjoyable experience. She went with the vegan special.

“I wish I had a pony? More like I wish I ordered something else,” she said.

On second thought, the description is precisely what she was served – a giant pile of protein. Too much for one person, that’s for sure. Although it wasn’t terrible, it was basically just a pile of beans with an Italian style tomato sauce, with wilted spinach and way too much skewered tofu on top. The tofu was supposed to be ginger flavoured, but perhaps it wasn’t marinated enough, because the flavour didn’t come through too well.

Having been so excited to come back to Slickety’s after its shut down, she was definitely disappointed that this was her first experience of the new spot. We vowed to come back so she could try something better next time.

Bottom line – we did enjoy the atmosphere and the tofu scramble was kick ass! There are other vegan options on the menu, and apparently some things can be modified to be vegan friendly. We’ll be back again soon.

Slickety Jim’s Chat ‘n’ Chew

3475 Main Street, Vancouver

8:30am to Midnight


~The Vegan Project

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