Smoky Paprika + Olive Tapenade on a Bed of Sunflower Sprouts

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Lately, I’ve been bored of salads, and have been finding my ‘one big salad a day’ routine to be a bit redundant. Not sure if it’s a seven year itch or what, but my affair with salads has been kind of…robotic. So yesterday, when Miss Holliday and I went to Antony and Sons to get some new spices, I grabbed a bag of amazing smoked paprika and vowed to revive my lust with some exciting new salad recipes.

I think I may have broken some rules with this recipe, (oh no..) but I was rewarded when sitting in the sun with some fresh limeade, and new flavours that were simply inspiring to my tastebuds. My love of salads is renewed, refreshed, and I am ready to start finding new and exciting ways to keep my passion with salads alive…just like my passion with my husband, with whom I recently celebrated a year of marriage! Gotta keep the love alive, I always say. šŸ˜‰

Ingredients: TapenadeĀ (for one solo salad monster)

1/4 avocado, cubed

1.5 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp smoked paprika

1 tsp tamari

1 spring onion, finely diced

1 tbsp finely chopped red onion

2 tbsp cubed smoked tofu

1/2 small roma tomato

6 organic kalamata olives, chopped

Ingredients: Bed

1 large handful of sunflower sprouts

About a cup of fresh chopped lettuce of your choice, I used red leaf.

Sprinkling of olive oil

Dash of sea salt


Combine all ingredients, saving the paprika for last, and mix lightly with a spoon so you don’t crush the avocado. Make sure it’s mixed well so the paprika has the opportunity to disperse and maximize its hotness. The tapenade will have a beautiful, smoky red colour.

Lay down the lettuce in your bowl, and top with the sunflower sprouts. Then sprinkle the olive oil on the top, and dash some sea salt.

Place the tapenade in the center, top with some spring onions to garnish. Then, make yourself some fresh limeade (sweetened with Stevia…gin optional) find your place in the sun, and ignite your passion for salad with this rule-breaking, tastebud tickling rebel.


~The Vegan Project




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