The Summer of Vegan: BBQ + Camping 101

  We have all been that person at the summer BBQ. Carrying an extra tote bag full of stocked Tupperware containers, we meticulously arrange our food on the side while everyone gets to dig into the main spread. Usually the token Veggie Platter offers some opportunities for us, followed by the inevitable slew of questions Continue Reading …

Watermelon & Radish “Ceviche”

One part seasonal fruits, one part seasonal veggies, five parts summer.

Barbecue Ideas from The Vegan Project!

We are gathering our friends for a Canada Day Partio – A party on the patio celebrating all things Canadian!

Vegan BBQ Series | Grilled Marinated Tempeh with Summer Vegetables

I finally got my own barbeque, and I am happier than a pig in sh*t!  I purchased the Weber 100 from Home Depot for $149.  It was easy to assemble and heats up in mere minutes.  Grilling vegetables is such a fabulous way to enjoy the season’s harvests, and I find the simpler, the better Continue Reading …

Vegan BBQ Series | Grilled Vegetable Salad, Garden Fresh Herbs and Vegan Beer Sausages

Grilled vegetables are so delicious and easy to prepare.  I like them best tossed with kitchen basics such as olive oil, salt and pepper.  I don’t actually own a BBQ, but I did find a neat little disposable hibachi at Wonderbucks for $5 (better deal than on the commercial!).  I was skeptical, but the saleswoman Continue Reading …