The Vegan Project Holiday Shoppe


Local vegan-friendly vendors come together under one roof Dec. 12 – 14, 2014 for a holiday pop-up shop, featuring food, drinks, community yoga, a vegan health and fitness panel, and great gift ideas not just for vegans, but everyone on your list.

Sam Shorkey’s Super Simple Slow Cooker Beans


I love my good ol’, trusty crock pot.  Well, I should add that I certainly don’t enjoy how it makes my entire apartment reek like onions for DAYS– but using a slow cooker is oh-so convenient AND so damned easy!  So alas, I endure the strong smell of stew that lingers on my clothes and Continue Reading …

Missed Julie Beyer on the Radio? Listen here!


In case you missed it the Sunday before last, March 20th, the VP’s Jessica G interviewed Julie Beyer on The Storytelling Show on Vancouver Co-op Radio. They chatted about how Julie found herself studying and using holistic nutrition as a natural healing technique, and how she now teaches others how to incorporate delicious, whole food Continue Reading …

A Very Potent Love Potion: Raw Mayan Chocolate Drink


Raw organic cacao contains high amounts of antioxidants, and the alkaloid theobromine, that positively effect your brain chemistry, and make you feel good. Theobromine originates from the Greek prefix, ‘Theo’ referring to the ‘study of God’, and ‘Bromine’ originating from the Greek word ‘brosi’, meaning ‘food’. So theobromine, literally translates to ‘Food of the Gods’.  Continue Reading …

Whole Food Challenge 2011 – More Updates

We are so proud of the effort everyone is putting into this Whole Food Challenge.  The group is feeling light and refreshed! Suzanah: Suzanah is an experienced foodie having worked in raw food restaurants and at Ayurveda clinic in Vancouver. But her challenge she told me is planning planning planning. So the menu plan gave Continue Reading …

Whole Food Challenge 2011 – Updates

So the group of seven has been following Julie’s meal plan for three days now, and it seems everyone is adjusting nicely. There has been some trepidation around the work involved to get everything prepared, but no question that everything is very delicious. Here are some highlights so far… Ian’s First Day… “After soaking my Continue Reading …

Whole Food Challenge 2011-Ian Checks in

“Ian Wenig talks about his first day of the 2011 Whole Foods Challenge. While the Challenge is not raw, I have included many alkaline living food options, and Ian chose to plunge right in and ate raw for one whole day! As one of the pioneers for the challenge, he has been been given one of many opportunities Continue Reading …

The Whole Food Challenge 2011-The Intro

Hey Vancouver!!! I am CHALLENGING you to be the change you want to see in the world and make it really really delicious for your health, the planet and communities around the world…and eat whole plant-based foods for one whole week!

You Don’t Need to Count Calories


  Have you ever started eating a bag of potato chips or a box of cookies and not been able to stop eating? And still felt hungry afterward?  Even though you were physically full, you still felt hungry.