The Vegan Project Releases Recipe eBook!

Aren’t we all a little vegan curious? Let The Vegan Project show you how to do it right!


Of course we ALL want and strive to create a nice, tight ass but hate to say that a perfectly-sculpted arse takes work!!  I can, however, truthfully state that a great way to develop a fabulous vegan rump roast (I’m talkin’ Field Roast quality) AND increase athletic performance without the use of any gym equipment Continue Reading …

Tropical Quinoa Salad with a Ginger-Lime Vinaigrette

I made this for a super fantastic beach day some friends and I had this past Sunday! It was light, refreshing, and held up in the heat.  The sweet, soft mango was by far the most popular ingredient, complimenting the crunchy red pepper and cuke. You can hold back on the red pepper flakes, or Continue Reading …

The Whole Food Challenge 2011-The Intro

Hey Vancouver!!! I am CHALLENGING you to be the change you want to see in the world and make it really really delicious for your health, the planet and communities around the world…and eat whole plant-based foods for one whole week!

Our first catering gig @ Open Studios!

This past weekend The Vegan Project team got together and catered Open Studios, a two day open house of  dear friends showing their paintings from the past three years (See their work here: Red Hand Design)

Basil + Asparagus Soup…Bliss!

Delicious and creamy asparagus soup, on a budget no less!

Rainy Day Spinach Drizzle

Puttering through the kitchen looking for something to make for lunch so I don’t have to venture out on this dreary Vancouver afternoon…

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie (Gardener’s Pie) and a Cucumber & Fennel Salad

Tonight’s dinner was inspired by a dear friend Steve’s Cucumber & Fennel Salad combined with a Shepherd’s Pie recipe found here (i’ve renamed it ‘gardener’s pie’): (I definitely added mushrooms-about 2 cups chopped portobellos, mixed frozen veggies and lots of fresh thyme. Also added Tofutti cream cheese to make the potatoes extra creamy, and Continue Reading …

Vegan LA Food Blog

I recently spent some time down in Los Angeles sunning, celebrity spotting and ‘pigging’ out on everything VEGAN!  I knew before I went that there was going to be a lot of options. I did some research on &  and got some great tips from some of our twitter followers, but man oh Continue Reading …

Lasagna to Dai-ya for!

I really felt like some oozy, gooey homemade lasagna today.  So, I defrosted a block of Daiya and popped over to IGA to pick up some ingredients (I’m pretty sure I saw Lou Diamond Phillips picking up a few things as well!)