Central Bistro: vegan-friendly dining in Vancouver’s West End

While struggling to hang on to the final moments of summer, Salsa Sam and I (Jessica) embarked on an early bird dining adventure to a local West End establishment that’s been a neighbourhood staple for eight years–Central Bistro. Located at the corner of Denman and Comox, this cozy little bistro has a nice patio that Continue Reading …

Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles

Lately, I’ve had a hankering for chocolate, and since I just bought some chocolate hemp powder, I thought I’d try using it to make some vegan truffles. I have also been on a peanut butter kick lately, so why not throw some of that good stuff in there, too? Oh god… I can’t stop eating Continue Reading …

Blueberry Chia Pancakes – Guest post by Jessica Grajczyk

I’m not much of a sweet breakfast eater, but I was recently gifted some delicious, real Canadian maple syrup from Salsa Sam, so I decided to switch up my breakfast game.

Whole Food Challenge 2011-Meet the Contestants

Ted Radcliffe Self-Employed Web Designer & Developer Ted LOVES…His son who lives far away, (and misses him a lot!) Playing in a band as a bass player, and cruising the seawall with his vintage cruiser bikes on a sunny day. (Pssst…Feel free to check out his band: Wonderful Diving Horses) Ted is INSPIRED to make Continue Reading …

day 7 – vegan bennies – by bridget & jessica

Hey y’all.  Not much to report for holiday Monday, other than we enjoyed some wicked vegan bennies at one of our favourite vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in Vancouver – Bandidas Taqueria.  Bonus for scoring the table in the front window with the rocking chairs… bridget and jessica

day 6 – i feel ill – by jessica

i have no idea if this has anything to do with my new dairy/fish/meat free diet, but last night, i was suddenly overcome with a feeling of lightheadedness.  i felt weak and my face turned pale.  jen drove me home and i went to bed, only to wake up sick in the middle of the Continue Reading …

Day 5 – sweet temptation – by jessica

Today i think i experienced my first real non-vegan temptation since starting this challenge.  when you don’t surround yourself with dairy products it’s easy to forget about them.

Day 4 – fashion faux pas-by jessica

I’m going to a bbq tomorrow out in the suburbs for my friend’s birthday.  it is also the celebration welcoming her new baby boy into the world.  i decided that since the summer is quickly dwindling, a nice ‘welcome baby’ gift would be a hand knitted toque.  then, i realized that the yarn i happen Continue Reading …

Day 2 – Reflections and Clarifications-by jessica

Into day 2 now of vegan September and I’m realizing that a few things need clarification.