Sam Shorkey’s Super Simple Slow Cooker Beans


I love my good ol’, trusty crock pot.  Well, I should add that I certainly don’t enjoy how it makes my entire apartment reek like onions for DAYS– but using a slow cooker is oh-so convenient AND so damned easy!  So alas, I endure the strong smell of stew that lingers on my clothes and Continue Reading …

Creamy Potato and Leek Soup


This Creamy Potato and Leek Soup is easy to make, rich and filling, BUT low in fat!  Some recipes I found online added a ton of dairy which, of course was of no need in this vegan kitchen.

Banana-Pear-Oatmeal-Spice Muffins


I made these muffins on a whim this morning, so I could use up some sad looking fruit in my fridge.  These two pears and two bananas were on their last legs aesthetically, but I knew they would be extra sweet and juicy for muffins.  A crispy top from the sprinkled sugar and a really Continue Reading …

Salsa Sam’s Spicy Bean Salsa


I tasted this salsa at a house party last weekend with tostito scoops and was literally blown away by it. The recipe itself is amazing but what appealed to me the most was that it was SUPER high in protein, low in carbs and easily tweakable as an addition to my pre-fitness competition diet.

Smokey Walnut Collard Wraps


Have you ever had a collard wrap?  They are the low carb answer to enjoying rolled up food.  I love eating yummy ingredients stuffed into a delightfully handheld vessel, usually of the flour tortilla kind, or naan, or any any other starchy goodness.  But with the summer season officially here, I am urged towards lighter Continue Reading …

Mexi-Curry Salad Bowl


The Vegan Project ladies, plus our friend Salsa Sam, are heading south of the border at the end of February, real south…to Mexico!

Lentil Salad with Sun Dried Tomato-Tahini Dressing


I made this quick lentil salad to accompany my bowl of Smokey Potato Soup with Roasted Garlic (which I will post later this week!).  It was the perfect, protein-packed side, full of crunchy veggies (use what you have in your crisper) and tossed in a creamy, sun dried tomato dressing.  If you’re cooking the lentils Continue Reading …

Not Just Another Rice Bowl


Everyone knows what a rice bowl is, and throwing together a grain, protein and veg is quite simple for most, I hope.  This is my latest creation, including yummy roasted butternut squash, steamed kale and panfried marinated tofu.  BUT, what is different about this version is, I made it all fancy using a small springform Continue Reading …

White Bean and Kale Stew


This stew is hearty, low in fat and full of nutritious winter veggies.  The fresh herbs and lemon juice/zest add a lovely freshness that shouldn’t be omitted.  This stew is also gluten free by using brown rice flour as a thickening agent.  Simple one-pot dishes like these just get better over time, so doubling the Continue Reading …

Cauliflower Inspired Raw Tabouleh


If you’re looking for yummy low glycemic, low carb options, then you’ll need to consider substituting your grains for more nutrient dense, vitamin rich veggies. Cauliflower is a hearty, enzyme rich sub for quinoa, bulgar or cous-cous in this popular middle eastern salad. The fresh herbs make it so flavourful and vibrant, and it’s super Continue Reading …