The Plant-based Foodie: 27 Recipes from Vancouver’s Top Vegan-friendly Restaurants

The Foodie Book series has gone vegan-ish; just like almost everyone else you know! It’s clear, we’re in the midst of a plant-based food renaissance and Vancouver is a leader in innovative, exciting and damn tasty plant-based eating. We are all thinking about our diets more and how we affect the world around us. The Continue Reading …

The Vegan Wine + Cheese Series | Edition #1 – Sip + Savour

The Vegan Project and Nutritionist Nikki Hurst have teamed up to bring Vancouver the first instalment of The Vegan Wine + Cheese Series! 

5 Things We Can’t Wait To Inhale at Eat Drink Vegan 2018

It’s one of the events that vegans across North America (and the whole world) wait for with baited breath, preparing their stomachs for grand feasts, new dishes, and new flavours. This weekend, we return to Eat Drink Vegan (formerly the Vegan Food and Beer Festival), in Los Angeles, a well known vegan mecca. Which booths Continue Reading …

15 Thanksgiving Mains You Can Make This Year (That Don’t Involve Any Animal Products)

Tell your skeptical Aunt, your friends who guarantee they won’t be full, your significant other that doesn’t eat meat but ” needs to eat turkey once a year”, et al, that there’s a new main dish in town for Thanksgiving this year. Introducing 15 options to satisfy palettes, fill bellies, and (best of all) save Continue Reading …

10 Things All Vegans Love To Hear

#ThingsVegansHear: Introducing a collection of my personal favourites, gathered from online interactions, conversations, and (very) memorable individuals.

Feeding That Effing Vegan this Holiday Season

First and foremost, I extend solidarity. We have all been there before: the first meal that you either attended as vegan new to the scene, or the first meal that you prepared in your pre-veg life for the token plant-eater at the dinner table. There are a few of us who have been vegan since Continue Reading …

Basic But (Basically) The Best: Top 5 Ways to Get Your Pumpkin Spice Fix

Towards the end of summer in Vancouver, we begin to see the posts. Usually, they are signalled by the seasonal shifts of Starbucks cups and marketing focuses; and their role in introducing (and promoting, extensively) the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte. The incredibly speed at which the “PSL” not only hit the market, but influenced an entire Continue Reading …

Rhiannon’s Guide to A Delicious Cruelty-Free Halloween 2.0

Halloween is my ultimate favourite holiday. I hope you find this helpful, and that it inspires you to get creative with making all sorts of Vegan delights and in making new traditions for your friends and family! I am thrilled to share these goodies with you.

Why I Call Myself Vegan *Not Plant-based

  I have some qualms about the term “plant-based”. Though we have seen a few versions of the term in discourse, for the sake of consistency in this piece, I am going to remove the quotations and use the hyphenated spelling.

The Top Ten 10 Vegan Eats || PNE 2016

It has arrived, boys and girls, and it has returned with a vengeance. Annually, the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE), graces Vancouver to wrap up our summer season, running this year from mid August straight through to Monday, September 5. Featuring a wide range of entertainment, rides, family features, music, live shows, tarot card readers, games Continue Reading …