The Plant-based Foodie: 27 Recipes from Vancouver’s Top Vegan-friendly Restaurants

The Foodie Book series has gone vegan-ish; just like almost everyone else you know! It’s clear, we’re in the midst of a plant-based food renaissance and Vancouver is a leader in innovative, exciting and damn tasty plant-based eating. We are all thinking about our diets more and how we affect the world around us. The Continue Reading …

7 Things You Need to See At Vegtoria this Saturday

For the first year, Vegtoria: Victoria’s Veg Fest is taking place on Saturday, July 22 in Centennial Square. Serving as an amazing, pivotal celebration to acknowledge the vegan community and growing culture, Vegtoria celebrates vegan food, community, activism, local vendors, non-profits, music, contests, speakers, and more. These are the places, people, and foods that you Continue Reading …

Vancouver’s First Vegan Spa: Introducing Willow’s Wax Bar

Many folks who are new to the world of vegan, or those that explore any component of it, may assume that the term is only applied to the choices we make in the kitchen, the ones that determine what we eat, what we drink, what we put into our grocery baskets, and what lines our Continue Reading …

10 Things All Vegans Love To Hear

#ThingsVegansHear: Introducing a collection of my personal favourites, gathered from online interactions, conversations, and (very) memorable individuals.

Why I Call Myself Vegan *Not Plant-based

  I have some qualms about the term “plant-based”. Though we have seen a few versions of the term in discourse, for the sake of consistency in this piece, I am going to remove the quotations and use the hyphenated spelling.

Festival Eats’n’ Treats: The July Edition

Welcome to the July edition of the *new* Vegan Project guide to eating all things veg at Vancouver’s summer festivals and events! This is a quick reference guide which offers a minimum of 3 vegan-friendly spots within walking distance of each event site. Note that all businesses we have included below are not 100% vegan, Continue Reading …

Glory, glory, hallelujah! A 3-Day Juice Cleanse

The words “juice”, and “juicing” meant something very different several years ago. In particular, if I think of juice consumption when I was young, the only thing that existed for me when I heard that word were beverages of the Sun Rype Variety (primarily orange and grapefruit.) Fast-forward to a few years after the juice Continue Reading …

The Vegan Project Does Veg Expo 2014

Well it’s another exciting week for The Vegan Project as we’re now just one week away from Vancouver’s first annual Veg Expo!

The Vegan Project: May Event Listings

Here’s what’s happening on the vegan scene in Vancouver this May…

The Vegan Project: April Event Listings

Here’s what’s happening this April!