15 Thanksgiving Mains You Can Make This Year (That Don’t Involve Any Animal Products)

Tell your skeptical Aunt, your friends who guarantee they won’t be full, your significant other that doesn’t eat meat but ” needs to eat turkey once a year”, et al, that there’s a new main dish in town for Thanksgiving this year. Introducing 15 options to satisfy palettes, fill bellies, and (best of all) save Continue Reading …

Gluten Free Polenta Stuffing

If you’re gluten intolerant and vegan you’ve probably given up on the possibility of a mound of savoury stuffing atop your holiday dinner plate. Polenta is a gluten-free alternative that, when cooked and left to cool, can be cubed for stuffing just like bread, making it a perfect vessel for Mom’s savoury stuffing flavours.

What to Feed That Effing Vegan: The Holiday Edition

Well friends, we know you’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of our latest & greatest recipe e-book “What to Feed That Effing Vegan: The Holiday Edition.”  But wait no more– it is finally available HERE–and like all good things in life, it is so worth it!

The CBC Radio 3 Vegan Holiday Recipe Challenge

The Vegan Project was recently approached by CBC Radio 3 to take part in a vegan holiday recipe challenge.  Elliott, the producer of the Lanarama show hosted by Lana Gay asked us to come up with a recipe that could go head to head with a holiday turkey.  Our creation would be tested by a Continue Reading …

Sun Dried Tomato, Spinach and Artichoke Dip

This creamy, savory dip is a great crowd pleaser and the perfect dish to bring to a Christmas party or social gathering.