Herbed Nut Cheese

Nut cheese is a game changer when it comes to adopting a vegan diet. It doesn’t mimic real cheese–it’s truly in a category of it’s own. Vegan or not, it’s hard not to love nut cheese.

Bridget’s Nirvana Bars

I don’t normally name recipes after myself, but this time around I couldn’t help myself.  i found the recipe for these Nirvana Bars in a People Magazine while I was getting my roots touched up (I’ve been cursed with premature greys since the tender age of 17). They seemed easy to make and combined the Continue Reading …

Vegan Spelt Bread

I first had the delight of trying this spelt bread at a friend’s house. We all had a big sleepover, and in the morning she served us this bread with homemade jam and we nearly died. I couldn’t believe she had just whipped this up!

GET FRESH! An Introduction to Plant-Based Eating

Hi Everyone! Jen Boyle and Bridget Burns from The Vegan Project here!  We are excited to announce our inaugural workshop at The Beaumont Studios on April 21st 2012.  We wanted to do this workshop to answer your most frequently asked questions surrounding a plant-based lifestyle.  We know how daunting new ingredients and ways of cooking Continue Reading …

Sabrina ‘Vegan’ Modder – Days 5/6

DAY FIVE Today, I remembered to drink my lemon water again, but for some reason didn’t do breakfast. Sometime around noon, a friend of mine showed up and we both had some Adam’s peanut butter and jam sandwiches on the yummy Cob’s bread. A bit later, around 3pm I ate some more Chili, the last Continue Reading …

day 6-itchin’ and bitchin’-by bridget

Yesterday was the first birthday of a dear friend’s little girl.  jess and i were in attendance at this memorable event, and knew beforehand that our newly acquired vegan diet may limit our participation in some way or another.  we were able to snack on the veggies and dip, chips, and of course, wine.  the Continue Reading …

day 5 – musical fruit – by jen

Saturday is my yoga marathon. i teach two 90 minute bikram classes, take one myself, and then do ‘advanced class’, a series of 84 pretzel-esque asanas that usually takes over 2 hours. it sums up to almost 7 hours straight in a hot room.

day 4 – a love of fromo – by jen

I’ve been doing lots of reading lately about diet and veganism, and i’m finding so many levels of reasons to be doing what we’re doing.

day 5-accidents in the workplace-by bridget

aaahhh!  i hang my head in shame about what i am about to reveal to you all right now…i will explain the series of events that led to this travesty.  let me begin by pointing out that i was so careful at the discotheque last night.

Day 4 – fashion faux pas-by jessica

I’m going to a bbq tomorrow out in the suburbs for my friend’s birthday.  it is also the celebration welcoming her new baby boy into the world.  i decided that since the summer is quickly dwindling, a nice ‘welcome baby’ gift would be a hand knitted toque.  then, i realized that the yarn i happen Continue Reading …